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the cutest (bloom theory) straps!

what an awesomely cute product (or possible project… it could be something fun for a girls night in).

these camera straps are romantic, vintage & unique.

i love. love. love.

to check out the full catalog, head over to bloom theory straps here on the interweb.


































embroidery hoop doily spider webs

stumbling upon grand ideas like this is why i adore pinterest.

all you need is an embroidery hoop, a few spider rings, a doily and something to hang it all with…

below are my 3 interpretations using some vintage doilies passed down from my great grandmother.

for the full how-to, have a look here at the betz white blog.





o.p.p. – hanging doily lamp

i have no doubt that this vintage inspired lamp would rack up the cc bill if purchased retail… however, follow these simple steps and it’s as easy as 1.2.3. to create your own pretty pendant light for less than $15.

all you need are a few simple supplies:

-1 balloon
-a few doilies (the bigger the balloon, the more you need)
-a hanging light (a cheap find at ikea)

get the full details here…

found @ more design please
what: doily lamp
where: http://www.moredesignplease.com/moredesignplease/2011/3/4/diy-doily-lamp.html

o.p.p. – drawer knob winestoppers

i’ve recently found a new love for martha stewart.  in years past i was always a little “uhhhggg (with my hand palm down & shaking back and forth)” about the craft & kitchen queen – but admittedly i’ve turned up the dial and i now have a little martha madness going on.

key signs:

  • a digital subscription to martha stewart living via zinio
  • a DVR library of the martha stewart show which airs every day in Australia at 7:30am on 7Two
  • a staple recipe in the kitchen of cayenne rubbed chicken w/ avacado salsa via my daily recipe emails
  • and an array of posts here on howd.i.y. featuring a few of her winning concepts

now my latest obsession is quite possibly the best thing i’ve discovered to date on marthastewart.com.  this project is for all the wine-os in the house!

these handmade wine stoppers are absolutely precious.  all i can think about is my next trip home to the u.s.  + hitting up hobby lobby for some cork & anthropolgie for some of their amazing vintage-esque knobs + and having a craft night in with some of my best buds.

found @ martha stewart
what: decorative stoppers
where: http://www.marthastewart.com/268937/decorative-stopper?czone=holiday%2Fspring-celebrations-cnt%2Fcelebration-father-day

o.p.p. – rake hooks (and bonus project)

does your garage or shed need a good clean?! turn yesterday’s tools into today’s decor.

if you enjoy a small bit of the country vibe in your home – this easy to do project is a creative way to bring a bit of the outdoors to the inside.

it’s a one supply project: an old rake head.

hang: jewelry, towels, aprons, uncut candles – whatever your heart desires.

found @ readymade
what: organize your jewels
where: http://www.readymade.com/projects/organize_your_jewels

bonus project: keeping the same idea in mind – head out to your local antique shop and scope out some vintage kitchenware.  i recently picked up this vintage baking tray with rounded muffin holes. It makes for a great tealight holder and also adds just the right touch of rustic feel to our living room.











happy crafting.

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