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soda crate shelves

for months now, i’ve been on the search for some colorful vintage soda crates in good condition. i’ve searched auctions, ebay, gumtree (like craigslist), thrift stores, and every local vintage shop – but yet i’ve never stumbled upon that exact vision. during a recent visit to (my favorite shop that has it all) rock n rustic, i finally picked up a few teal soda crates. my plan was to repurpose them into some living room wall shelving.


after two hours of styling and restyling the crates, i finally decided on the motif below. a little old and a little new. visual elements and practical storage.

– the new(ish): dreamcatcher, milk bottle, magnifying glass, skeleton keys, travel books
– the old: french spools, letterpress blocks, folding ruler (my grandparents), bird in a frame, pocket dictionary and bookmark (my grandmother’s)… and of course the F.C. Grubb crates which must be at least 48 years old (the web tells me that the company changed their name in 1965).

i’m pretty thrilled with the finished product.


o.p.p. – 50 all-time favorite new uses for old things

recycling – it’s been around since the beginning of the earth… however, how often do we recycle our everyday household supplies or hardware into a full new practical use?

real simple has put together a list of ’50 all-time favorite new uses for old things’ – and the list is good.  a towel rack as an over the kitchen sink supply holder, an empty t.p. roll to keep your hair elastics from disappearing, shower hooks doubling as purse/belt/accessory hangers and 47 other great inventive things.

check out the full list of 50 here: http://www.realsimple.com/home-organizing/new-uses-for-old-things/favorite-new-uses-00000000019718

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