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d.i.y. popsicles

Norpro 4-Piece Silicone Ice Pop Maker Set (just $9.26 on Amazon)

when i last visited the US, my sister had a pile of goodies she had purchased for me. this is how the two of us operate. we are always buying little things for one another – either as a way to say thanks or simply because we know the other one would love the product, necklace, top, book, etc… because my sister and i have a similar style and thought process, i often have to restrain myself from going overboard because i want to purchase duplicates of nearly everything i buy for myself also for my sister (saying “no” is hard!).

during that last trip is when she gave me this awesome norpro silicone ice popsicle set. i’m obsessed. not only a) are they really easy to fill up with your favorite concoction but b) because of the silicone, they freeze quickly -and- don’t stick to the edges. the perfect push-up pop!

recipe suggestions:
-my favorite popsicle at the moment is crystal light + water. no guilty pleasure here. it takes about 30 seconds to prepare and then just a couple of hours to freeze. when I was home last, I bought a giant variety pack of the single serve pouches. the rasberry lemonade makes an amazing iced treat + it’s only 5 calories!
-tonight i’m going to whip up a batch of chocolate jello (also an american export) and make some of bill cosby’s famous pudding pops.
-later in the week, maybe a fruit smoothie recipe or two.
-however, the blend that i am most excited about involves freezing one of my famous homemade margaritas
…oh, the possibilities are endless…

considering it’s spring here in australia and it’s only going to get hotter between now and february… i have a feeling these colorful containers are going to be my new bff as i soak up the sunshine.

o.p.p. – ‘holiday’ sangria

this blog could not come at a better time for me… as just this past weekend i thought to myself  “hmmm… I’m going to make sangria one day this month” – and now i have no excuse! the blog this recipes hails from is a pretty damn good blog, so i’m trusting that this too is a pretty damn good recipe. (backstory: i made sangria 1x about 5 years ago… i must have i added a bit too much cinnamon because it was awful + chalky tasting. the experience scarred me from trying to concoct it again)

she calls this a ‘holiday sangria’ (the post is from december) – and with the Australian autumn in full force, this sounds exactly what ‘holiday’ food & bev in the U.S. mean to me = warm flavors. plus, it’s a 5 day ‘holiday’ weekend here in oz! (happy easter)

the recipe calls for:

1 bottle Zinfandel
1/3 Cup Cointreau
1/3 Cup Gran Marnier
1 Can Natural Ginger Ale
1/4 Cup Honey
1 Honeycrisp Apple
1 Large Orange
1 Fuyu Persimmon
1 Pear
2 inches of Peeled Ginger, in rough pieces
2 Sticks Cinnamon
Pinch of Ground Cinnamon
1 Tbsp Dried Cloves
Fresh Mint for Garnish

found @ the sprouted kitchen
what: holiday sangria
where: http://sproutedkitchen.com/?p=2220

o.p.p. – hot sauce

some like it hot – and i am one of those people…

since moving overseas my savior for this heat fixations have included:

  • our small garden w/ chili plants
  • trips back to the us and the bag that brings back salsa & texas pete’s hot sauce
  • ‘chile mojo’ an american owned mexican grocer here full of authentic southern u.s. & mexican imports of the hottest degree.
  • thursday night 1kg (2.2 lbs) of buffalo wings for just $10 at the gilbert hotel

and now – i plan to add another line to the above list using today’s o.p.p. straight from etsy – happy heating!

found @ etsy
what: make your own hot sauce
where: http://www.etsy.com/storque/how-to/how-tuesday-make-your-own-hot-sauce-12402/

o.p.p. – lavender honey salt scrub

whether you need a little self-pampering or a self-made gift to give a friend… this is a perfect recipe.  ditch the body products that cost $20+ and go natural with your very own handcrafted lavender body scrub.  plus, a cute little jar will finish off this project perfectly making for an amazing craft inside and out. and even better – it’s cheap + easy to make (takes less than an hour)!

found @ readymade
what: lavender honey salt scrub
where: http://www.readymade.com/projects/homegrown_beauty_lavender_honey_salt_scrub

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