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happy halloween!

it’s officially october 31st in australia! i’m all set and ready to go for some trick or treaters later this afternoon… fingers crossed we get a few! celebrating the holiday/trick or treating is still something a bit foreign in this country. i however refuse to forgo the american spirit (obviously).

in addition to the exterior home decor, the fridge is stocked with imported saranac pumpkin ale (interested in more about the beer? check out joseph from proper hops enthusiastic review here) and it’s the great pumpkin, charlie brown is teed up for viewing on the apple tv this evening. no costumes this year (a sad first after many years of winners), but the holiday is still in full swing here in adelaide.

happy halloween to all!

(btw, the diy in the mix includes: spray painted black roses, self printed + clothespinned kraft bags filled with candy – and countless small bits of decor that you unfortunately can’t see in the photos – there are several small spiders draped from the awning! oh… and the pumpkin + the skeleton in the cage make scary haunted house-like sounds.)

australia-halloween-2012halloween at our house – 2012

‘ppp’ (pretty as a picture punkin)

one of my mom’s favorite sayings is ‘ppp’ or as the title reads ‘pretty as a picture punkin’.  much like most of my mom’s quirky wordings – i have no idea where this one came from… (like mother like daughter though, as i’ve got a few of my own doozies!) anyways, those words have been hanging around my head tonight.

as I plan for our big halloween bash next weekend – i’m making due with the pumpkin selection here in australia.  i’ve already spent nearly $100 on 7 for carving. australians don’t typically grow the standard round orange ‘american style’ pumpkins – so to find them at halloween is something pretty special + quite expensive (approx $1.50 a pound).  to date: i’ve found 4 of the american sort + a japanese pumpkin & 2 butternut squash… (read all about aussie pumpkins)

i just finished my first creation for the year – thx to martha for this inspiration…

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