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and the award goes to…

it’s hollywood’s biggest night (how many times have you heard that phrase?)!

there might only be a couple hours until the red carpet begins and the envelopes are unsealed, but there’s still time for you to put a personal touch on the evening.

the team over at glitter guide has put together some fun DIY ideas to add a little glamour to your sweats and couch kind of evening + they also feature good housekeeping’s gorgeous printable ballots (PDF) so you and your friends can put a little friendly competition into the mix.

create your own oscar night party

here in australia, the awards don’t air until 9:30pm tonight. that’s about 7 hours after the winners have been revealed. sooooo, i’ll be trying my hardest to avoid any social media or news sites that might spoil the surprise this afternoon!

a few of my fav picks for 2013… argo, beasts of the southern wild, silver linings playbook and lincoln. (i also really loved celeste and jesse forever, liberal arts, safety not guaranteed and sleepwalk with me – the thirtysomething “this is your life” films of the year!)

in addition to the above, i really want to see searching for sugarman which is nominated for best doc. ross and i have enjoyed sixto rodriguez’ music for a while now. his story is pretty amazing. check out this segment on 60 minutes that gives you a little insight. it’s on the watch list.

christmas vacation reading.

i thought i’d share a couple of my most recent book acquisitions: junk genius by juliette goggin and stacy sirk + homemade gifts vintage style by sarah moore. (i also had to include in the photo this really cute little felt owl pin cushion which was handcrafted here in adelaide by fleecidesigns).

i plan to curl up on the couch this afternoon with these reads and start bookmarking some fun projects for the house, gift-giving and to share here on the blog. anyone read or completed projects from these books?!


a holiday crafts infographic

i love this infographic that overstock.com put together. who would have ever thought they were so crafty?!

some great handmade holiday creations here… get inspired.


get crafty on google+

you can now connect with crafters in two special ways on Google+

1) follow Howd.i.y. (a craft blog)

2) join the DIY & Craft community. communities just launched last week on Google+ so this is your chance to be an early adopter!

hope to see you there!

book page paper hearts

paper hearts made from pages of a used book

well, my friends, i realize that it’s been nearly 3 months since i tied the knot and i’ve yet to share any real projects or photos with you all. my apologies!

let’s kick it off with this one… paper hearts made from the pages of a used book.

our wedding combined elements of vintage + rustic – and among other random things, travel + library decor. to play up the library theme we incorporated a lot of books, accessories + diy. i experimented a bit with various paper projects, but finally settled on this little gem. it’s super easy and they look pretty cute. my mom and i made around 100 of these one evening (over wine + tv).  while you can easily string the hearts to make garland, we opted to scatter them around in some wire baskets. (see below for a photo of the hearts in use at our wedding!)

what you’ll need: an old book, scissors, a stapler

how to create your hearts:
1) rip the pages from the book
2) cut each page into 1 inch strips
3) take 4 strips of the paper, stack them on top of each other and staple them together at one end
4) take the other ends, holding 2 with one hand and 2 with the other
5) bend them backwards to form a heart shape touching the loose ends to the stapled end
6) pull the inside strips down a bit to create a smaller heart inside the bigger one
7) cut off any excess paper
8) staple the loose ends to the already stapled end
9) … and the hearts are ready for display!

the paper hearts on display at our wedding in august!

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