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project – bird on a branch

answer me this… what is the world’s current obsession with birds?  i’ll admit it, i’m a culprit. whether it’s an owl or a simple garden bird, when i spot some cute home decor boasting one of the flying friends, an electromagnetic force draws me near.

well, my obsession continues… and last night i made a new little piece for display.  the project: a bird on a branch, painted & sewn on canvas (as seen in the photo).

cost: approx $8 (to cut the costs, i purchased the supplies at a local discount/dollar variety shop)
creation time: 30 mins
supplies: canvas, newspaper, 2 colors of acrylic paint, 2 paintbrushes, pencil, 3 colors of needlepoint thread & a needle

1) lay down some newspaper so the paint doesn’t make a mess
2) start with painting the canvas any color of your choice – one coat
3) once the first coat has dried (i held the canvas in front of my little electric heater and the canvas was dry within 5 minutes), go ahead and paint your second coat, wait for it to dry
4) with the other paintbrush, paint a branch or twig onto the center of the canvas (remember when painting your branch, you will need enough room above to draw & sew a bird resting on the branch – the bird must not overlap with the wood or you cannot sew onto the canvas) – allow time to to dry
5) with a pencil trace a bird resting onto the canvas
6) on top of where you have traced now sew your bird onto the canvas (i used 3 different color threads to add a bit of pop, as well as to emphasize the wing and eye)
7) all done! rest on your favorite shelf or hang on the wall

o.p.p. – fastest recycled t-shirt tote bag

(* from instructables.com 'fastest recycled t-shirt tote bag')

found @ instructables
what: fastest recycled t-shirt tote bag
where: http://www.instructables.com/id/FASTEST-RECYCLED-T-SHIRT-TOTE-BAG/
*added august 29, 2010

o.p.p. – make your own sandals

(* from etsy.com 'how-tuesday: make your own sandles')

found @ etsy (from the ‘how-to blog’)
what: make your own sandals
where: http://www.etsy.com/storque/how-to
*added august 29, 2010

for the love of buttons.

i’ve always had a love for buttons.  when I was a little kid, my sister and I would sit on the floor of my parents bedroom and pour out old jars of buttons that my mother had acquired from my great grandmother.  we’d pick out our favorites and fight over who got to keep which buttons (though they always went back into the jar.  well flash forward twenty-some years later, and i finally got all the buttons i wanted when i started my etsy shop ‘everybutton‘.

i’ve been making and selling my little button designs since august 2009. it started out as mainly rings & headbands – and a year later, i’ve branched out making bracelets, totebags, earrings, etc… i’ve sold a good handful of stuff, and just recently started selling at markets. as expected, my mother is my biggest fan and now has a jewelery box filled with little crafty pieces from her daughter’s collection.

as mentioned, the buttons are mostly vintage – but i do pick up a cute unique store bought button here & there. the mountings for the jewelry, i’ve purchased mainly from etsy & artfire.  both sites have a great assortment of supplied spanning vintage and newly designed pieces. my favorite metal to use is brass and I most enjoy mounting a cool button onto an ornate filigree band.

while this shop is never going to be my sole source of income, i enjoy the satifaction and meditation that creating a little handmade item brings to my inner self.  it’s fun to sprinkle a little personal design to a store bought outfit.

visit everybutton at www.everybutton.etsy.com

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