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put. a. bird. on. it. – take 2.

earlier this year, i (along with thousands of other crafty fans) found obsession in a 101 second phenomenon called ‘put a bird on it’.  the title was that of a segment from season 1, episode 2 of IFC’s ‘portlandia’. SNL castmember fred armisen & indie rocker carrie brownstein created + star in this sketch comedy series that takes place in portland, oregon and focuses on the eccentric nature of the city and its people.

the show itself is a winner, but ‘put a bird on it’ takes the cake by calling out the fact that birds seem to be a new staple in design. the thought: if you put a bird on it, it will instantly become interesting and purchase worthy.  people love birds… right?!

the sketch which IFC posted on youtube has now had over 700,000 views… with people all over the world relating to the ‘put a bird on it’ bandwagon.  i was in melbourne this past may, when i noticed that the famous shop ‘meet me at mike’s’ on brunswick st. even had a ‘paboi’ window display!

longing for some more bird action, i stumbled on over to www.putabirdonit.com recently and found that you can now put a bird on virtually anything across the web! simply use their ‘go put a bird on something’ tool to spruce anything up!

check out below where i stuck a bird on a retro tourism van that i snapped a photo of while visiting santa fe, new mexico a couple of years ago.  this beauty of a vehicle paired with a bright orange bird relaxing over top = art.

have fun.

put a bird on it

i’ve recently found a new tv love in the ifc original show ‘portlandia’. itunes offered the first episode as a freebie and now my apple tv is full of its comedic goodness.

while i’ve never been to portland, it’s a place high on my list of ‘places to visit when i get back to the us for an extended period of time’. i envision portland to be a bit similar to my beloved boulder, co where i’ve spent plenty of days soaking up the nature, food & culture… but back to portland & ‘portlandia’. this 22 minute show puts its best foot forward to capture the places, people & spirit of the city through improvised sketch comedy – and from what i know, they are doing a pretty good job.

so… why i am telling you this? because this sketch from episode #2 is full of laughs for lovers of handmade… and esp. handmade donning birds (i’m an offender… i even saw a couple things in the video that i own!). i think i’ve watched this 5x now today… it’s too good.

watch it here!

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