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pipe cleaner name tags

*i love having a sister that is crafty.
*we can talk about or do crafts together for hours on end.
*and when our men get annoyed with our crafting – they can watch sports, drink beer, or play video games together (or apart when we gab on the phone).

when i was home in the u.s. over the holidays, my sister showed me a cute project that she’d been doing to spice up packages while adding a bit of a personal touch.

the project: pipe cleaner name tags
materials: pipe cleaners… 2 or 3 depending on how long the name is (+ a present to put it on)

1) hand write out the name or saying you want to do, it will help you as a guide to your final result.
2) form the letters to look like what you wrote – twist the pipe cleaners after and during the formation of a letter to keep it in place. when you get close to using the whole pipe cleaner, twist another one onto the end to make it longer.
3) leave a little room on the end to be able to twist it onto the ribbon to secure it to the present.

fin. (aka – the end).

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