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craftstudio: i heart this app!

i decided to make this past saturday a “me” day. my husband was off brewing beer with friends so it was perfect timing. i woke at 10am, video chatted with my mom, listened to music, did a bit of crafting, listed some things on ebay, cleaned out my closests, and watched 8 episodes of the US version of “The Voice” on hulu (i’m nearly caught up!). my day actually ended the next day at 3am! ok, i know this day sounds hectic to most, but believe me this was a perfect day for me. i am not a person that sits still, so to be able to pick each of those things that kept me busy (and truly enjoy them) was heaven.

we all need a “me” day from time to time! (have you had one recently?!)

so the one thing i did on saturday that i’ve yet to mention… i discovered a great new app on my ipad. the app is called CraftStudio and it’s brought to you by the crew over at Martha Stewart. while the app costs $4.99, it’s a craft lovers gem. it’s basically digital scrapbooking, stationary making and photo blinging (the non-technical term) all-in-one.

happy birthday macy!

the app allows you to add a photo and then layer it with paper, punch shapes and designs, add stickers and sayings, custom write text, and much more. once you’ve finished, you can save the project, share it on socials, email, print, or send to snapfish and order as photos or greeting cards. currently the app has 4 themes you can mix and match with: everyday, doilylace, birthday party and nature. i will admit, the one thing missing is a holiday theme. this would be great for creating christmas cards.

above is a screenshot of my latest creation. yes, it’s a birthday card for a cat, but not just any cat. meet macy. macy the cream of the crop when it comes to felines. i’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old, and today is her 10th birthday! although she’s now a decade old, she still moves and communicates like a kitten. i always say that she’s a dog trapped in a cat’s body, but without the neediness of a dog. macy will play fetch, come to you on command, and she has a sassy little personality much like someone else i know. she’s pretty much perfect. happy birthday girl!

read more + download the CraftStudio app here!

o.p.p. – doily paper napkins

i don’t know how many times i’ve seen those martha stewart paper punches online or at a craft store and thought “hmmmm… I think I could do something cool with that, but what?” – well, here it is…

these napkins (or serviettes as they call them here in Oz) are too cute for words (one of my favorite sayings). they are sure to add a vintage touch and maybe even a bit of refinement to your upcoming shindig.

found @ ode to inspiration
what: doily paper napkins
where: http://odetoinspiration.com/2012/01/doily-paper-napkins/

tip: michael’s has a great stock of these punches in store + check their website’s weekly ad as they typically have pretty awesome 20-60% off coupons.

o.p.p. – scratch off cards

ok… i hate to have yet another martha stewart creation, but the timing for this could not be any more appropriate – so here i go (thanks to not martha‘s pinterest for bringing this to my attention)!

on the back of my ‘smile-worthy greetings’ post, i found this handy little how-to for making your own scratch off cards, coupons, tickets or any other random what-have-you….

how clever? and not to mention – super easy & cheap!

martha’s team has the instructions referencing a save the date, but come on and get creative – you can use this recipe for a plethora of crafty things. I must (& will) incorporate this into an upcoming party or special event!

found @ martha stewart
what: scratch off cards
where: http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/226949/scratch-save-date-how

o.p.p. – drawer knob winestoppers

i’ve recently found a new love for martha stewart.  in years past i was always a little “uhhhggg (with my hand palm down & shaking back and forth)” about the craft & kitchen queen – but admittedly i’ve turned up the dial and i now have a little martha madness going on.

key signs:

  • a digital subscription to martha stewart living via zinio
  • a DVR library of the martha stewart show which airs every day in Australia at 7:30am on 7Two
  • a staple recipe in the kitchen of cayenne rubbed chicken w/ avacado salsa via my daily recipe emails
  • and an array of posts here on howd.i.y. featuring a few of her winning concepts

now my latest obsession is quite possibly the best thing i’ve discovered to date on marthastewart.com.  this project is for all the wine-os in the house!

these handmade wine stoppers are absolutely precious.  all i can think about is my next trip home to the u.s.  + hitting up hobby lobby for some cork & anthropolgie for some of their amazing vintage-esque knobs + and having a craft night in with some of my best buds.

found @ martha stewart
what: decorative stoppers
where: http://www.marthastewart.com/268937/decorative-stopper?czone=holiday%2Fspring-celebrations-cnt%2Fcelebration-father-day

o.p.p. – felt coasters

coasters: whether wood, glass, stone, cork or plastic – they keep the water from the woodwork while prettying up any piece of functional furniture.  now enter the felt… a crafting favorite, plus available in an array of colors. combine the two and you get felt coasters cute enough for any room, plus an easy enough project for even the clumsiest of crafters.

i love the ‘snowflakes’ that the folks at martha stewart have whipped up here… a cold coaster design for even the warmest of beverages.

found @ martha stewart
what: felt coasters
where: http://www.marthastewart.com/good-things/felt-coasters

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