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i love lamp. (+ a couple project ideas)

first off – a little movie trivia… “i love lamp!” – go… (scroll to the bottom if you are stumped.)

my favorite lamp we have is a brass one that sits on the table next to my side of the bed. i purchased it last year at a flea market for $10. it was one of my best flea market scores to date. it’s probably 40 years old and brass with a pretty looking natural colored woven shade.

i’ve made a couple (+ super simple) DIY lamps for our house by taking an old mason jar and sticking a string of white christmas lights down in them (or fairy lights as they call them here in Australia). it makes for a pretty glow with a rustic feel.

when i was a kid my dad would make his own lamps out of mason jars. he’d buy a lamp kit and drill it into the jar’s lid. he’d then stick a shade on top and fill the jar with something like marbles, dried flowers, spools of thread, etc… i really want to make one of those lamps. i just need to find the right kind of kit here in Australia since the US kind would require a converter.

my husband is not a fan of my lamps. actually, i take that back – instead i should say that he’s not a fan of my dark lamp shades (which we have a few of). he’s practical and doesn’t understand why i’d intentionally try to block the light from escaping. to be honest, i don’t really have a good answer – other than, i like the look (especially our tall bedroom lamp with the brown velvet shade). plus, when we have overhead lights… lamps are more about mood than practicality, right?

a few of our lamps

song lyric lamp

song lyrics lamp

today i found this super cute (or TCFW – which is my latest acronym i’ve been using repeatedly – meaning “too cute for words”) DIY lamp tutorial. all you need is a solid wood lamp with some paint on it (or even paint it yourself), a sharpie, tape, and a creative saying. you can then fill the base of the lamp with lyrics from your favorite song, words from an inspirational quote or whatever other creative scribble you might like. check out the full project over at prettyhandygirl.com.

found @ pretty handy girl
what: 10 minute song lyrics lamp makeover
where: http://www.prettyhandygirl.com/2013/03/10-minute-song-lyrics-lamp-makeover.html

oh… and if you couldn’t name the movie above. here you can watch the masterpiece scene i was referencing. i. love. lamp.

o.p.p. – hanging doily lamp

i have no doubt that this vintage inspired lamp would rack up the cc bill if purchased retail… however, follow these simple steps and it’s as easy as 1.2.3. to create your own pretty pendant light for less than $15.

all you need are a few simple supplies:

-1 balloon
-a few doilies (the bigger the balloon, the more you need)
-a hanging light (a cheap find at ikea)

get the full details here…

found @ more design please
what: doily lamp
where: http://www.moredesignplease.com/moredesignplease/2011/3/4/diy-doily-lamp.html

o.p.p. – découpaged light (plus a good book)

a good little light can make a BIG difference in any room. for example, we have a 3 bulb chandelier in our bedroom… it’s nothing special and recently we just switched the bulbs out.  Australia is on the energy efficiency wagon (which i am 100% for) though that means that most new light bulbs take about 30 seconds to get to desired brightness.  so, now – not only do we have a blah fixture, but we also have a room where it’s similar to a shower… you can’t go in right away (room=too dark/shower=too cold).

ok, so to you regular readers, it’s not much of a surprise that i love looking through the pages of country living for some vintage & earthy inspired crafts. so, keeping with the light theme of today’s broadcast – i bring you another c.l. favorite!

found @ country living
what: découpaged light
where: http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/10-practically-free-crafts#fbIndex2 (go to #2 of the list)

you can also pick up the book where this project originally hails from – Rediscovered Treasures by Ellen Dyrop & Hanna Kristinsdottir – it’s all about rediscovering & repurposing old vintage wares –  i just ordered my copy – only $9.99 from amazon!




4 things i made.

one thing about me… i like to keep busy.

i’m one of those people that can’t sit still – and when you’ve just moved into a new home… well, the craftiness craze is on high speed.

so, i thought i’d share with you a couple of crafty creations that i’ve whipped up over the past week.

1) lamp with ribbon shade
a $19 crystal ball lamp w/ a white shade from kmart revamped by weaving two rolls of ribbon around it

2) fabric art
a frame I had laying around the house, a small bit of fabric, a stencil + a marker = this little wall piece

3) record album bowls
check out this previous post for the how-to… a couple old worn out records paired w/ a bowl, an oven & a molding hand

4) jute rope + clothespin photo display
just your run-of-the-mill jute rope, 2 nails and a couple of clothespins

o.p.p – christmas light lamps

in the devine words of steve carell in ‘anchorman’ – i. love. lamp.

keep the christmas lights lasting a little longer this season… i love this idea for some light by lamp.

all you need is a string of lights, a drill, a jar (one of the cheapo bottles of table wine would work gloriously) — and there you are.

found @ design mom
what: bottles full of light
where: http://www.designmom.com/2010/11/diy-bottles-full-of-light/

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