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o.p.p. – fabric heart wreath

today we’ve got a special o.p.p. submitted by melissa, one of our readers! just in time for valentine’s day, melissa has whipped up this super cute wreath that is sure to add a little love to any room. check out her blog for the step by step on this easy-to-make little project w/ lots of heart.

all you need is: a wire hanger, fabric scraps, ribbon scraps, felt, a clothespin, ribbon + a thumbtack

thx melissa for your post!

found @ mommynuggle
what: valentine wreath
where: http://mummynuggle.blogspot.com/2011/01/valentine-wreath.html

home sweet home: crafty communications

i’ve mentioned it a few times… that 3 months ago – after a year of living in Australia, i moved from Sydney to the country’s smallest of the big cities – Adelaide. Radelaide (as the locals call it) is a coastal town in South Australia w/ an approx 1.3 million pop, sits in the midst of Australia’s vast wine region, boasts more than 400 festivals each year + it’s the sister city of Austin, TX (one of my fav facts – as i really heart Austin).

prior to moving to Adelaide, i’d visited approx 14 times as my bf & i were doing long distance since the time we moved from the U.S. to the two different AU cities… but alas, we are back together and moved into our new little home.

in the 3 months since relocating – i’ve spent 2 work weeks in Sydney, a long weekend in Melbourne & 2.5 weeks back at home in the U.S. for the holidays — with that, getting our house in gear has taken a bit of a backseat. alas – i’ve got 30 days without travel, the majority of the boxes unpacked & we are finally ready for our housewarming party!

when thinking about invitations i debated evite, but then decided to keep it old school w/ real life mail. i went to my fav of favs site, etsy – to see who & what i could find.  i stumbled upon ‘Practically Perfect Design’ by Gabrielle Kearney… she offers cute & creative personalized designed for a cheap rate.  you tell her what you what, she creates & sends you the file – and you print it!  within a couple days, i got my design – printed on some peach a2 postcards (a pack of 24 for $4.50 from Chicago boutique Paper & Print) – and addressed & sent to the party-goers… all that for just $26 (which included postage)!

check out Gabrielle’s etsy shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/gabriellekearney — also stay tuned, as you may just see her pop up as a spotlight & giveaway over the next couple of months!

o.p.p. – vinyl record bowl

turn. turn. turn. your old records into modern table top art.

now, while i don’t recommend destroying those old classic albums – scratches & cracks happen… and what better way to recycle an album that you once loved  – than by making it a centerpiece in your home (+ you can always find great deals at thrift shops on old unwanted vinyl).

a cool / creative project that takes just minutes (it takes less than 30 mins total!) to turn someones old art into your new… and it just takes a couple household supplies.

found @ sonya style
what: record bowl
where: http://www.sonyastyle.com/sections/Decorate/Record_Bowl

o.p.p. – crafting with paper

when I was a kid, my mom used to read country living.  i remember finding it so boring and wondering why she in her right mind would put herself through such a read.  now 20 years later, that same magazine that i shunned as an adolescent – i now love + read with joy.

for those of you that have never visited www.countryliving.com, they have a great section on crafting & d.i.y. – everything from single projects to various things of one theme, which is what i bring to you today… ‘easy paper craft projects’.

i fell in love with two of the ideas on here, and i cannot wait to put them into action.

the 1st of my favs: souvenir boxes with a cutout silhouette map. i however, plan to put a little spin on the craft.  with half of my life in america & the other half now here in australia, I have some cute green ‘paperwork boxes’ that i’d love to label with a map. now, why didn’t i already think of that?!

the 2nd of my favs: stencil & fabric motto art. all you need is stencils, an x-acto knife, paper, a cute frame & fabric to transform your run of the mill craft project into custom wall art that looks like you paid a pretty penny for it.  create your saying – cut out the letters – lay a piece of fabric over the back… and BAM, there you go – one fine piece of handmade work!

plus, there are more where these came from…

found @ good country living
what: easy paper craft projects
where: http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/easy-paper-craft-projects

pipe cleaner name tags

*i love having a sister that is crafty.
*we can talk about or do crafts together for hours on end.
*and when our men get annoyed with our crafting – they can watch sports, drink beer, or play video games together (or apart when we gab on the phone).

when i was home in the u.s. over the holidays, my sister showed me a cute project that she’d been doing to spice up packages while adding a bit of a personal touch.

the project: pipe cleaner name tags
materials: pipe cleaners… 2 or 3 depending on how long the name is (+ a present to put it on)

1) hand write out the name or saying you want to do, it will help you as a guide to your final result.
2) form the letters to look like what you wrote – twist the pipe cleaners after and during the formation of a letter to keep it in place. when you get close to using the whole pipe cleaner, twist another one onto the end to make it longer.
3) leave a little room on the end to be able to twist it onto the ribbon to secure it to the present.

fin. (aka – the end).

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