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get it on etsy: vintage belt lawn chair

i’ve noticed a trend of northern hemispherians tweeting & posting about all the amazing (+premature) weather sweeping the land. with nice weather, comes nice weather things – and i’m sure visions of iced cold beverages and backyard parties are now rapidly running around your mind.

sooooooo – i thought i’d share something that i recently stumbled on while shopping on etsy… a perfect accessory for handmade lovers and summer sitting.

vintage aluminum chair w/ western belt, available from kikithespunkymunky – check it out here.

tis the season.

there is no doubt that pinterest is the bomb diggity for discovery… a place to curate the things you like, explore things your friends like + find things others like. (so much of a good thing that it’s turned back to an ‘invite only’ model).

tonight when playing around on etsy, i discovered another awesome ‘discovery’ tool – just in time for holiday shopping!

this very clever app syncs etsy with your friends interests, occupations + likes. in return, handmade & vintage gift suggestions for your app enabled amigas & amigos. gift giving just got more fun.

check it out here: www.etsy.com/gifts

ps – intro’ing with the word ‘diggity’ made me think of this tune from blackstreet which was a go-to of mine a la 1996… oh the musical tastes i’ve endured. enjoy!

etsy has entered the building…

last week i got an email from etsy.  however, it wasn’t one updating me with the latest features nor was it a payment invoice – but rather a warm and welcome ‘hello’ from a new addition to the etsy family. australia a small country (in pop.) that embraces a HUGE amount of handmade has been representative-less on the etsy staffer front – until now… enter kirsteene phelen, etsy’s 1st aussie employee! kirsteene has taken on the task of curating a community of etsy sellers and shoppers around the land of oz.  just a couple months into the job – she’s hit the road and is doing a bit of a whistlestop tour meeting australia’s etsians.

last night – in town for adelaide’s own bowerbird bazaar, kirsteene got a group of etsy sellers (+ some) from around town together for a meet & greet and some drinks.  as still somewhat of a newbie here, this was a great opportunity to meet other like-minded peeps + discover a few gems out there.

the attendees included the likes of the below…

collect magazine (a perfect pint-sized print mag that spotlights interesting products, people, places & things around adelaide + the globe – i’ve been a reader for a few months now – love it)

presence (a unique shop in adelaide stocking an assortment of products ranging from handmade pieces to vintage polaroid cameras + you can even rent a vintage typewriter for the week…. curation to the peak)

fede textiles & designs (handcrafted toys including soft cushion hammers, utensils and more… the stuff is seriously too cute)

…and a few others which i hope to share with you in the future.  i’ve raised my hand to being down for a more regular meet-up.

etsians unite.


my etsy treasury.









thursday at 11:30pm (yes, a school night) i decided i was in the mood for some design… now since my next project is our bedroom and the man was already sound asleep, i decided to opt for some design on the more quiet side. so i bring to you my etsy curation (with a look that i think emulates my style & home decor – the title: she’s a little bit country…).  2 hours + 2 cups of tea later, here is my creation – I hope you enjoy! check it out here.

o.p.p. – hot sauce

some like it hot – and i am one of those people…

since moving overseas my savior for this heat fixations have included:

  • our small garden w/ chili plants
  • trips back to the us and the bag that brings back salsa & texas pete’s hot sauce
  • ‘chile mojo’ an american owned mexican grocer here full of authentic southern u.s. & mexican imports of the hottest degree.
  • thursday night 1kg (2.2 lbs) of buffalo wings for just $10 at the gilbert hotel

and now – i plan to add another line to the above list using today’s o.p.p. straight from etsy – happy heating!

found @ etsy
what: make your own hot sauce
where: http://www.etsy.com/storque/how-to/how-tuesday-make-your-own-hot-sauce-12402/

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