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o.p.p. – hanging doily lamp

i have no doubt that this vintage inspired lamp would rack up the cc bill if purchased retail… however, follow these simple steps and it’s as easy as 1.2.3. to create your own pretty pendant light for less than $15.

all you need are a few simple supplies:

-1 balloon
-a few doilies (the bigger the balloon, the more you need)
-a hanging light (a cheap find at ikea)

get the full details here…

found @ more design please
what: doily lamp
where: http://www.moredesignplease.com/moredesignplease/2011/3/4/diy-doily-lamp.html

renegade handmade rocks.

i’ve been a traveling mess as of late. in the past 2 weeks i’ve spent approx 50 hours on planes… ugg! – (this helps explain the hiatus of posts) – and while hopping on another plane for a long trek doesn’t sound the least bit exciting at the moment – i am ecstatically counting down the 29 days left until i hop on board for an overdue journey to my motherland. yes, usa – i’m coming home for a 3 week jaunt filled with a little r&r, catching up w/ friends & family, a wedding, 2 baby celebrations, a birthday… AND the renegade craft fair!

renegade are the folks that not only bring you their charming little headquarters which double as a retail shop on division ave. in chicago’s wicker park — but they are also the folks that bring you one of the best & biggest diy festivals to tour the us of a.

us + uk howdiy readers: have you been to a renagade near you? if not, a must for any local or a great excuse for a weekend road trip.

if you live aboard or simply can’t make it in person… check out renegade’s shop website for a retail sampling of the fun.

picture frame calendar

this project is a combination of my love of maps + a crazy schedule of 2.

a while back i’d seen a cute litte d.i.y. project online where the creator took a picture frame, some fabric and a sharpie to make a customizable white board calendar… i’ve taken the project and put a new little spin on it.

the tools:
-picture frame
-road map
-contact paper
-jute rope or yarn
-dry erase marker
-sticky dots

the product finished product… as seen below!

this project can be entirely customized to your taste… whether you want the background as a map, photo, drawing, fabric, etc… it’s your call. add the contact boxes & text to the under the frame material – and – leave your dates & doings to the glass. it’s an hour job that should cost you no more than $30… even better – this calendar never expires at the end of the year!

o.p.p. – velvet jewelled bookmarks

love gift giving, but hate the decision making?  when all else fails i a) give a gift card to let the person get what they really want + b) throw in a little something handmade and designed specifically for the celebrated party.

and… if you have a friend that is a book lover – this gift is the perfect “little something”.

the tools of the trade:

*velvet ribbon
*ribbon clamps
*jump rings
*charms, jewels, what-have-you…

total cost: approx $2-5 per bookmark depending on your bling of choice

check out the below for the full rundown!

found @ country living
what: charming bookmark
where: http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/10-practically-free-crafts#fbIndex1

chalkboard label jars










in my recent post ‘good finds – a top 10 list’, i talked about chalkboard labels and the lot that was being sent via etsy. a couple weeks & 2 hemispheres later, i now have those labels. soooooo, i thought i’d share with you my new little creation + just how easy it is for you to whip up something similar. whether it’s an organization project or something fun for your kids (or you), slapping one of these little stickers on to a jar, glass, container, book, etc… can add a new spin to something old, cheap or bland.

i ordered these chalkboard labels in all shapes and sizes from bradens grace on etsy. while i’ve got a lot of plans for these guys, i wanted to take one for a test drive. enter project #1: a jar of tea leaves. there’s really no explanation needed, as it’s as simple as 1-2-3.

-get a jar (old/new, cheap/expensive — whatever you fancy)
-affix the label
-write on it w/ chalk (which also came with the labels)
*and well… that’s it.  not much more to this story other than a quick & easy makeover project.

to make your own custom chalkboard project, check out bradens grace on etsy (there are other sellers around – but I recommend them.. fast delivery, inexpensive & great products.


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