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hanging plant stand

i’m in melbourne this week getting together with fellow automatticians and gearing up for wordcamp melbourne happening this weekend here in town. yesterday we set up shop at a gorgeous coworking space called inspire9 in the suburb of richmond.  their office is an old warehouse/industrial space that’s been upgraded and designed to perfection.

amongst all the coolness, was this DIY plant stand pictured below. i adore it… so much in fact that when i get home to adelaide, i’m planning to incorporate the idea into our house. i happen to have a spare hanging clothes rack laying around that i use to make my own DIY photobooths for various celebrations/events (note: hanging clothes racks are a great backdrop stand for a sitting booth).

to make your own plant stand, all you need is a cheap hanging clothes rack, buckets/pots, chains, hooks, a drill, paint, and a few plants (or herbs – make your own indoor garden!). a unique way to bring some plant-life and design into your home.



i love lamp. (+ a couple project ideas)

first off – a little movie trivia… “i love lamp!” – go… (scroll to the bottom if you are stumped.)

my favorite lamp we have is a brass one that sits on the table next to my side of the bed. i purchased it last year at a flea market for $10. it was one of my best flea market scores to date. it’s probably 40 years old and brass with a pretty looking natural colored woven shade.

i’ve made a couple (+ super simple) DIY lamps for our house by taking an old mason jar and sticking a string of white christmas lights down in them (or fairy lights as they call them here in Australia). it makes for a pretty glow with a rustic feel.

when i was a kid my dad would make his own lamps out of mason jars. he’d buy a lamp kit and drill it into the jar’s lid. he’d then stick a shade on top and fill the jar with something like marbles, dried flowers, spools of thread, etc… i really want to make one of those lamps. i just need to find the right kind of kit here in Australia since the US kind would require a converter.

my husband is not a fan of my lamps. actually, i take that back – instead i should say that he’s not a fan of my dark lamp shades (which we have a few of). he’s practical and doesn’t understand why i’d intentionally try to block the light from escaping. to be honest, i don’t really have a good answer – other than, i like the look (especially our tall bedroom lamp with the brown velvet shade). plus, when we have overhead lights… lamps are more about mood than practicality, right?

a few of our lamps

song lyric lamp

song lyrics lamp

today i found this super cute (or TCFW – which is my latest acronym i’ve been using repeatedly – meaning “too cute for words”) DIY lamp tutorial. all you need is a solid wood lamp with some paint on it (or even paint it yourself), a sharpie, tape, and a creative saying. you can then fill the base of the lamp with lyrics from your favorite song, words from an inspirational quote or whatever other creative scribble you might like. check out the full project over at prettyhandygirl.com.

found @ pretty handy girl
what: 10 minute song lyrics lamp makeover
where: http://www.prettyhandygirl.com/2013/03/10-minute-song-lyrics-lamp-makeover.html

oh… and if you couldn’t name the movie above. here you can watch the masterpiece scene i was referencing. i. love. lamp.

o.p.p. – quarter dye t-shirt

if you are in the northern hemisphere… spring is here! and with spring comes cleaning… most of the time which involves closets and getting rid of old + purchasing some new. shopping!!!

quarter dye t-shirt

quarter dye t-shirt

each spring i’m in need of a few good staple tees. this past year i had an obsession for stripes and the year before that it was solid oversized tees. this year i want to spice it up by adding a bit of my own creativity to the wardrobe. (note: i’ve been in a slump for the past couple years when it comes to my fashion. working from home can do that to you. i call pajama pants, t-shirts, hoodies, and ugg boots – “my work clothes”. it’s sad, esp considering i used to consider myself a bit of a trendsetter among my peers.)

i love these DIY tees found over at the sweet paul blog. it’s kind of a take on tie dye without being too hippie. the partial dye job is actually pretty stylish.

places i recommend good cotton tees for dyeing: target, gap, levi’s, h&m (as used for the shirt in the original post), american eagle, and even forever 21.

found @ sweet paul
what: quarter dye t-shirt
where: http://sweetpaul.typepad.com/my_weblog/2012/07/c.html

and the award goes to…

it’s hollywood’s biggest night (how many times have you heard that phrase?)!

there might only be a couple hours until the red carpet begins and the envelopes are unsealed, but there’s still time for you to put a personal touch on the evening.

the team over at glitter guide has put together some fun DIY ideas to add a little glamour to your sweats and couch kind of evening + they also feature good housekeeping’s gorgeous printable ballots (PDF) so you and your friends can put a little friendly competition into the mix.

create your own oscar night party

here in australia, the awards don’t air until 9:30pm tonight. that’s about 7 hours after the winners have been revealed. sooooo, i’ll be trying my hardest to avoid any social media or news sites that might spoil the surprise this afternoon!

a few of my fav picks for 2013… argo, beasts of the southern wild, silver linings playbook and lincoln. (i also really loved celeste and jesse forever, liberal arts, safety not guaranteed and sleepwalk with me – the thirtysomething “this is your life” films of the year!)

in addition to the above, i really want to see searching for sugarman which is nominated for best doc. ross and i have enjoyed sixto rodriguez’ music for a while now. his story is pretty amazing. check out this segment on 60 minutes that gives you a little insight. it’s on the watch list.

DIY projects from the heart

happy valentine’s day! whether you are celebrating with a partner, friend, family or your favorite bottle of wine – i hope it’s been one hell of a day!

here are a few crafty heart shaped projects suited to february 14 OR any day of the year!

DIY Heart Garland (via Missus D)
Heart Nails (via the Crafty Ninja)
Heart Shaped Paper Clips (via How About Orange)
Heart Cut-Out Chocolate Cupcakes (via Amy Atlas)

DIY Heart Projects

o.p.p. heart projects

and… don’t forgot my book page paper hearts project which adds a great vintage look to any event, occasion or simply for home decor!


book page paper hearts


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