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o.p.p. – crocheted doily bowls

*from craftstylish 'crocheted doily bowls' by linda permann

could these be any cuter?! and while i’ve yet to make one on my own, these are probably my most favorite project on How.d.iy. to date.  the task of making a few of these tops my ‘to-do’ list, i’m just waiting for the chance to get back to a thrift store in adelaide where i saw a basket full of gently loved doilies that would be perfect for the undertaking. in the meantime, i plan to bedazzle up a new whiter than white one that i recently purchased from a boutique – ribbons, buttons & beads, oh my!

found @ craftstylish
what: crocheted doily bowls
where: http://www.craftstylish.com/item/9884/how-to-make-a-doily-bowl

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