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working on a workspace.

i’ve been wanting to give my supplies a little more room to breathe – and just last weekend my husband said, “why don’t you turn the downstairs bedroom into your craft room?” i’m sure there is an ulterior motive there (we have another spare room which is slowly turning into his beer room), but i’m running with the thought.

here’s a sneak peek of a little corner in my new workspace. more pics to come… pretty soon my craft night fridays will have a new home (instead of the coffee table)!

hope everyone is having a great weekend!


handmade find friday! (brass bolo tie)

i’m happy to introduce a new weekly installment to howd.i.y. – we are going to call it “handmade find friday.”

these regular posts will feature new handcrafted goods that i’ve recently added to my collection. it might be jewelry, home decor, stationary, etc… whatever it is – it’s probably something i purchased on etsy, at a market or from some other local gem with limited production.

this week i want to bring attention to my new bolo-necklace. i’m obsessed with it.

i’d been set on the thought of getting a bolo necklace for ages now. i’d had a few bolo ties in the past, but always something trendy with a leather or fabric cord and only suited to particular outfits (i was especially into them 20 years ago back in jr. high school… they were actually a bit frightening. i’ll see if i can dig up some photos).

this time around i knew i wanted something brassy gold and a bit timeless. i had spent months searching on etsy and then alas… one day i found CheyneByPaige. she had one nearly identical to what i’d been looking for. i contacted her and asked her if it would be possible to make a few changes to the chain… she could. and then voila, there was the perfect bolo-necklace! it’s a brass triangle with a long brass chain woven throughout it and dangling for inches (photo + link below).

(bolo backstory: while embarrasing to admit, i also saw a necklace similar to this one on bravo’s reality soap “gallery girls” – a show full of overly dramatic twentysomethings with not-so dramatic problems. claudia, one of the artsy hipster “brooklyn girls” (as opposed to the show’s preppy “manhattan girls”) was wearing a bolo tie in an episode. turns out it was marketing for their shop end of century. i had a look on the website and there’s one very similar to it for $396.).

i’m now even thinking about adding a few new bolo additions to everybutton… pending i find the perfect buttons for the job. stay tuned on that…

anyway – back to my beloved brass bolo tie necklace. here is what paige came up with:


“the pippin” brass bolo tie necklace by CheynebyPaige
$50 on etsy

a headless me – modeling my new bolo tie necklace…


thanks for joining us for our first handmade find friday. have a wonderful weekend doing something stressfree, creative and fun!



halloween is (nearly) here!

october. november. december.
these months are parents to my 3 favorite holidays + the prime time to purchase (in my opinion) the best smelling candle scents – pumpkin and apple cinnamon. with october here and halloween just 9 days away… i’ve been getting in a real harvesty mood lately, despite the fact the leaves here are turning green instead of crisp and multi-colorful. while halloween isn’t nearly as grand an occasion in australia as it is back home in america, that won’t stop me from celebrating the one day where kids young and old break free from conventional attire and attitudes.

last year we had a pretty elaborate gala at our home – with apple bobbing, a pumpkin carving station, costume contest and a haunted entrance to the event. i also decorated the outside of our house up in cobwebs, cardboard bats and mummy (streamer) wrapped pumpkins.

halloween house
halloween 2011

this year i’m thinking up a new, but similar plan. since our house screamed “american house with lollies (candy)” we had a few visitors – and though this year we are in a new house in a new neighborhood, i fully plan to uphold that reputation.

to get things started, we got a pumpkin this past week. it’s currently sitting on the front porch waiting to be carved. (fun fact: “american pumpkins” are very rare in australia – a standard sized one costs anywhere from $15-25).

as i plan a strategy for the exterior, here are a few festive ideas to help you (& me) get inspired! (btw, i adore the repurposed milk jugs…)

pumpkin spider tealight candles
mini pumpkin spider votives (good housekeeping)

spooky halloween terrarium
spooky halloween terrariums (country living)

ghost milk jug lanterns
ghost milk jug lanterns (suzanneprochaska.com)

o.p.p. – stencil text on fabric

while i still love myself a little browse on threadless, i’m more into a word or two scattered around the house instead of on a t-shirt.

this photo shows you exactly what I mean… i present our living room. spot the two words in this pic? (hint: one piece of wall art is the inspiration behind the blog’s name)

my living room

i ordered the word pillow in the photo from a shop (french silver) on etsy. in addition to LOCAL, i also have HOMEGROWN. i love these pillows. the words + the burlap make me feel all homey and good.

while I didn’t create these pillows, i recently stumbled upon a diy project that gave me a little spark to do something similar myself. and it doesn’t have to be a pillow, but instead maybe a tea towel, wall art, anything… it’s super simple and cheap.

check out the said project + pic below.

found @ wit & whistle
what: stencil text on fabric


wedding bells.

well well well… it might appear that i’ve been less than crafty the past few months – though actually it’s quite the opposite. while i admit i’ve been less than a stellar blogger, i’ve been keeping busy planning an array of projects. as of today, i’m just 3 weeks out from my biggest craft project of all…  my wedding!

in a few days i’ll head back to the US in preparation for the big day. my mother’s closets are overflowing with etsy, ebay and thrift store purchases. you see, our wedding is a handmade affair.

a sustainable engagement ring from utopian creations, wedding invitations made by shopbellsandwhistles, a custom dress designed by ktjean, decor from thelonelyheart and ElizabethSt (among many others), photobooth props from WhiskerWorks and the list goes on and on… these touches mixed with vintage mason jars, wooden fruit crates, farm fresh flowers, locally sourced eats by antique kitchen and a bar full of craft beer – all will help make this day something that truly represents who we are through a million personal little touches.

so00000 – though i’ve been quiet, please know that i’m keeping busy and in a few weeks i’ll have lots of crafty goodness to share!

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