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renegade handmade rocks.

i’ve been a traveling mess as of late. in the past 2 weeks i’ve spent approx 50 hours on planes… ugg! – (this helps explain the hiatus of posts) – and while hopping on another plane for a long trek doesn’t sound the least bit exciting at the moment – i am ecstatically counting down the 29 days left until i hop on board for an overdue journey to my motherland. yes, usa – i’m coming home for a 3 week jaunt filled with a little r&r, catching up w/ friends & family, a wedding, 2 baby celebrations, a birthday… AND the renegade craft fair!

renegade are the folks that not only bring you their charming little headquarters which double as a retail shop on division ave. in chicago’s wicker park — but they are also the folks that bring you one of the best & biggest diy festivals to tour the us of a.

us + uk howdiy readers: have you been to a renagade near you? if not, a must for any local or a great excuse for a weekend road trip.

if you live aboard or simply can’t make it in person… check out renegade’s shop website for a retail sampling of the fun.

tis the season!

i have great memories from childhood of going to craft fairs with my mom.  and while the crafts of today are a bit different than the crafts that filled elementary school gymnasiums those years ago – spending the day walking vendor to vendor and stocking up on holiday decor and gifts is still a great way to kick off this special season.

check out my favorite, the renegade craft fair, with locations in chicago – l.a. – san francisco (www.renegadecraft.com)… and if you’ve got a great fest in your area that you’d like to share — send us a note, post a comment or tell us on facebook!

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