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o.p.p. – decorative tape

in the past few years, i’ve become really infatuated with giving a really pretty gift. rather than expensive gift wrap and impersonal cards, i do this with kraft paper and recycled tags, markers & more. in fact, my key wrapping components for christmas were these cute little tags made out of recycled books & buttons.

with that… when i saw this great idea for unique & handmade tape it got me pretty darn excited.  not only is the tape a perfect wrapping component for any handmade lover, but the wooden thread spools make this a great accessory for your craft room or a gift for a handy friend.

found @ country living
what: decorative tape
where: http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/how-to-make-decorative-tape#slide-1

o.p.p. – velvet jewelled bookmarks

love gift giving, but hate the decision making?  when all else fails i a) give a gift card to let the person get what they really want + b) throw in a little something handmade and designed specifically for the celebrated party.

and… if you have a friend that is a book lover – this gift is the perfect “little something”.

the tools of the trade:

*velvet ribbon
*ribbon clamps
*jump rings
*charms, jewels, what-have-you…

total cost: approx $2-5 per bookmark depending on your bling of choice

check out the below for the full rundown!

found @ country living
what: charming bookmark
where: http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/10-practically-free-crafts#fbIndex1

o.p.p. – découpaged light (plus a good book)

a good little light can make a BIG difference in any room. for example, we have a 3 bulb chandelier in our bedroom… it’s nothing special and recently we just switched the bulbs out.  Australia is on the energy efficiency wagon (which i am 100% for) though that means that most new light bulbs take about 30 seconds to get to desired brightness.  so, now – not only do we have a blah fixture, but we also have a room where it’s similar to a shower… you can’t go in right away (room=too dark/shower=too cold).

ok, so to you regular readers, it’s not much of a surprise that i love looking through the pages of country living for some vintage & earthy inspired crafts. so, keeping with the light theme of today’s broadcast – i bring you another c.l. favorite!

found @ country living
what: découpaged light
where: http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/10-practically-free-crafts#fbIndex2 (go to #2 of the list)

you can also pick up the book where this project originally hails from – Rediscovered Treasures by Ellen Dyrop & Hanna Kristinsdottir – it’s all about rediscovering & repurposing old vintage wares –  i just ordered my copy – only $9.99 from amazon!




o.p.p. – crafting with paper

when I was a kid, my mom used to read country living.  i remember finding it so boring and wondering why she in her right mind would put herself through such a read.  now 20 years later, that same magazine that i shunned as an adolescent – i now love + read with joy.

for those of you that have never visited www.countryliving.com, they have a great section on crafting & d.i.y. – everything from single projects to various things of one theme, which is what i bring to you today… ‘easy paper craft projects’.

i fell in love with two of the ideas on here, and i cannot wait to put them into action.

the 1st of my favs: souvenir boxes with a cutout silhouette map. i however, plan to put a little spin on the craft.  with half of my life in america & the other half now here in australia, I have some cute green ‘paperwork boxes’ that i’d love to label with a map. now, why didn’t i already think of that?!

the 2nd of my favs: stencil & fabric motto art. all you need is stencils, an x-acto knife, paper, a cute frame & fabric to transform your run of the mill craft project into custom wall art that looks like you paid a pretty penny for it.  create your saying – cut out the letters – lay a piece of fabric over the back… and BAM, there you go – one fine piece of handmade work!

plus, there are more where these came from…

found @ good country living
what: easy paper craft projects
where: http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/easy-paper-craft-projects

o.p.p. – closet office space

while i’m currently dealing with too little closet space, there are people out there that have the lavish luxury of too much closet space (it must be rough!).  if you are one of ‘those’ people… then this project is for you – and i am extremely jealous of you!

who wouldn’t want a little home office reflective of this?

found @ country living
what: closet office space
where: http://www.countryliving.com/homes/makeovers/transform-closet-into-office-0310

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