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hanging plant stand

i’m in melbourne this week getting together with fellow automatticians and gearing up for wordcamp melbourne happening this weekend here in town. yesterday we set up shop at a gorgeous coworking space called inspire9 in the suburb of richmond.  their office is an old warehouse/industrial space that’s been upgraded and designed to perfection.

amongst all the coolness, was this DIY plant stand pictured below. i adore it… so much in fact that when i get home to adelaide, i’m planning to incorporate the idea into our house. i happen to have a spare hanging clothes rack laying around that i use to make my own DIY photobooths for various celebrations/events (note: hanging clothes racks are a great backdrop stand for a sitting booth).

to make your own plant stand, all you need is a cheap hanging clothes rack, buckets/pots, chains, hooks, a drill, paint, and a few plants (or herbs – make your own indoor garden!). a unique way to bring some plant-life and design into your home.



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