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o.p.p. – stencil text on fabric

while i still love myself a little browse on threadless, i’m more into a word or two scattered around the house instead of on a t-shirt.

this photo shows you exactly what I mean… i present our living room. spot the two words in this pic? (hint: one piece of wall art is the inspiration behind the blog’s name)

my living room

i ordered the word pillow in the photo from a shop (french silver) on etsy. in addition to LOCAL, i also have HOMEGROWN. i love these pillows. the words + the burlap make me feel all homey and good.

while I didn’t create these pillows, i recently stumbled upon a diy project that gave me a little spark to do something similar myself. and it doesn’t have to be a pillow, but instead maybe a tea towel, wall art, anything… it’s super simple and cheap.

check out the said project + pic below.

found @ wit & whistle
what: stencil text on fabric


o.p.p. – paint chip garland

this year try your hand at making some easter eggs not intended for hiding…

i’m not a mom, nor do i typically decorate my home for the holidays (exception: christmas + in the fall i do love a good ‘harvesty’ feel full of pumpkin scents), BUT if i did – this project would be right up my alley… and hopefully it is up at least one of yours.

it’s cheap, creative & perfect for the holiday where pastels and eggs reign.

found @ modern parents messy kids
what: DIY Paint Chip Easter Garland
where: http://www.modernparentsmessykids.com/2011/03/diy-paint-chip-easter-garland.html

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