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moving week

next week is moving week.

yep, after just 1 year + 6 months living in our current abode, it’s time to hit the road. (well, sort of… this house is staying in the family and being rented to tenants.)

we’re moving just down the road to a charming 2 story cottage w/ exposed brick walls (my fav). the new place is twice as big + i’ll finally have my very own home office. the little space in our spare bedroom/storage closet just isn’t cutting it anymore and my makeshift shed -aka outhouse*- is just wrong.

*yes, we have an outhouse (common for old australian houses) – though ross despises it when i call it that, as it has a light and running water. however, we have two indoor bathrooms and we don’t use this outdoor one, so I built a shelf over the toilet and it’s my one (and only) storage room. (our house was built in the 1890s and while it’s gorgeous w/ brick, hardwood floors and stained glass – there are no closets in the entire place, not even for clothes!)

back to the move: i was recently thinking about it, and since 1998 – i’ve not lived in one spot for longer than 2.5 years (and that was just one, the runner up is our current house!). it’s funny, because i lived in the same house until I was 18 years old – then flash forward 14 years, i’ve lived in 11 more. (ok, now the word ‘gypsy’ + van morrison lyrics are going through my head.)

i dream of a day when we’ll be able to put down roots, though with job contracts and a relationship between foreigners – I don’t know if I foresee that in the very near future.

but, the good news… along with a new home office, moving also brings a cause for decorating & diy! i’m so excited for the extra space and i’ve got some fun ideas that i can’t wait to incorporate into our new home. this includes a little more vintage, burlap, soda crates and more!

inspiration via

o.p.p. – doily tablecloth

a few years ago, my mom gave me a bag filled w/ old doilies that were hers, my grandmother’s and my great grandmother’s.

every time i do a little design switcheroo, i think that i’m going to incorporate this lovely lace into my design.  however… when i get them out onto a table, i decide i don’t like how the singular one’s look and i feel like i’m forcing the incorporation.

but now i think i’ve finally found a solution to give them the tlc and showcase they deserve.

gather up your doilies – lace, cotton, solid or crocheted and create a pretty little tablecloth.

thanks martha.

found @ martha stewart
what: doily tablecloth

o.p.p. – nail & string wall art

this is one of my most favorite projects that i’ve stumbled across in a long time.

this puts all wall decals and stenciling to shame…

all you need is some nails, yarn/string and a good word. we are moving in may and I can already see my  diy/guest room with ‘C.R.A.F.T.’ on the wall.

props to jenjkjk aka jkizzle… for seeing something grand at anthropologie and making it her own!

found @ jkjk
what: diy nail & string letters

get it on etsy: vintage belt lawn chair

i’ve noticed a trend of northern hemispherians tweeting & posting about all the amazing (+premature) weather sweeping the land. with nice weather, comes nice weather things – and i’m sure visions of iced cold beverages and backyard parties are now rapidly running around your mind.

sooooooo – i thought i’d share something that i recently stumbled on while shopping on etsy… a perfect accessory for handmade lovers and summer sitting.

vintage aluminum chair w/ western belt, available from kikithespunkymunky – check it out here.

o.p.p. – nye party hats

it’s 3:00pm in south australia on dec 31.

rather than making the trek back home for the holidays (we will do a belated version of that in a few weeks), this year we decided to stay put in oz and soak up the summer sun (it’s been between 85-95F everyday this week). our residence for the week has been a bay front property in the coastal town of port lincoln (7 hours from adelaide). our house (shared w/ friends) has a private dock, kayaks and some inviting water just 20 ft. from the front door — i feel pretty lucky (though I must admit, I have missed the snow just a bit).

since many of you still have a good 24 hours before the clock strikes midnight and the year turns to ’12, i thought this might be the opp0rtune time to post a cool little project.

these hats are a perfect compliment to countdown time… see the pic + check out the details.

found @ merriment design
what: nye party hats

3.2.1. – HAPPY NEW YEAR!



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