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and the award goes to…

it’s hollywood’s biggest night (how many times have you heard that phrase?)!

there might only be a couple hours until the red carpet begins and the envelopes are unsealed, but there’s still time for you to put a personal touch on the evening.

the team over at glitter guide has put together some fun DIY ideas to add a little glamour to your sweats and couch kind of evening + they also feature good housekeeping’s gorgeous printable ballots (PDF) so you and your friends can put a little friendly competition into the mix.

create your own oscar night party

here in australia, the awards don’t air until 9:30pm tonight. that’s about 7 hours after the winners have been revealed. sooooo, i’ll be trying my hardest to avoid any social media or news sites that might spoil the surprise this afternoon!

a few of my fav picks for 2013… argo, beasts of the southern wild, silver linings playbook and lincoln. (i also really loved celeste and jesse forever, liberal arts, safety not guaranteed and sleepwalk with me – the thirtysomething “this is your life” films of the year!)

in addition to the above, i really want to see searching for sugarman which is nominated for best doc. ross and i have enjoyed sixto rodriguez’ music for a while now. his story is pretty amazing. check out this segment on 60 minutes that gives you a little insight. it’s on the watch list.

DIY projects from the heart

happy valentine’s day! whether you are celebrating with a partner, friend, family or your favorite bottle of wine – i hope it’s been one hell of a day!

here are a few crafty heart shaped projects suited to february 14 OR any day of the year!

DIY Heart Garland (via Missus D)
Heart Nails (via the Crafty Ninja)
Heart Shaped Paper Clips (via How About Orange)
Heart Cut-Out Chocolate Cupcakes (via Amy Atlas)

DIY Heart Projects

o.p.p. heart projects

and… don’t forgot my book page paper hearts project which adds a great vintage look to any event, occasion or simply for home decor!


book page paper hearts


memories of a printer’s drawer

when i was growing up, my mom had an old printer’s drawer hanging on the wall in our living room. the compartments were filled with little trinkets and momentos from my parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and beyond. i remember that every-so-often my mom would let me and my sister pull a few things off the drawer. we would sit at the front of the fireplace and play with our favorites (usually with a bit of make believe). my go-to was always a tiny metal toy gun that was my father’s (which luckily did not impact my feelings on real guns) and my sister’s was a mini corked glass jar filled with ph test strips.

to this day, that printer’s drawer remains to be one of my most cherished memories of childhood and in recent years i’ve been thinking about that drawer quite a bit. each item in it had a story and it connected me to those stories and the people with whom each item came from. at nearly 33, naturally life is a lot different than it was when i was the child that admired each of those little things – my parents divorced when i was in my 20s, my grandparents have all passed away, and i live 10,000 miles from that house i grew up in. holding on to these types of small memories (like the printer’s drawer) reminds me of all the amazing times i had growing up and how truly lucky i am to be connected to a group of such wonderful people.

sometime last year i mentioned to my mom that i wanted to get a printer’s drawer of my own and curate a meaningful collection of items from years past. to help start this, i have a few small things that i’ve held onto over the years – items that i hope someday will make it into the hands of my family’s younger generations. then even better… last month when i was home, my mom surprised me with a contribution to the drawer + a box full of those very items that once hung on the wall when i was a child. i was elated.

this past weekend i stopped in my favorite shop (rock n rustic) here in adelaide. the owners had recently spent a month in the u.s. sourcing antiques and “picking” as the pros call it. just last month they unpacked their shipment which contained several printer’s drawers. during my visit, i inspected all the drawers to find one with the perfect compartment sizes. after about 15 minutes, i found exactly what i was looking for. yesterday i attached a chain to the back, mounted it to the wall, and started filling it with all my mementos. i couldn’t be happier with it. i look forward to adding (+ sharing) more memories as the years go by.


my new printer’s drawer filled with old mementos

lovingly made in the u.s.a.

it’s been a while since i’ve had the time to sit down and post, but alas i have a plan-free weekend. this is my last full week at home for a while, so I plan to enjoy it with every inch of my body. today’s loose agenda includes (and has included) waking up, sitting on the couch reading blogs and listening to van morrison with the doors open, hanging my new printer’s drawer on the wall and filling it with little items my mom pulled together for me, eating lunch at adelaide’s best american restaurant (plant 13), drinking wine, and crafting. ok, maybe I do have a plan – but it sounds pretty relaxing to me!

i hope to spend a little time here on the blog this week. i’ve got some great new finds and want to make a few things. speaking of making things… i just cracked open a box of sweethearts. the side of the box says “lovingly made in the u.s.a.” – how sweet. i love that.

have a wonderful weekend all!


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