secret boards on pinterest!!!

while the weekend was already off to a great start, it got even better saturday morning when i had an email from pinterest announcing the launch of secret boards. i was home alone, but i’m pretty sure i let out a big “ohhhh, hell yeah!” with excitement.

i’ve been waiting for this option since i joined the site in early 2011. i can’t tell you how many times i refrain from pinning something in hopes to keep a find just mine for a little while. when planning my wedding, i even resorted to browser bookmarking (i know, soooo old fashioned). though i did have a semi-secret board called “love”, but eventually people caught on and the jig was up.

while the feature is still in “testing” mode, each pinner gets 3 secret boards – perfect for curating your christmas list, planning an upcoming event or simply for hiding those extra special finds you aren’t yet ready to share with the world.

the folks from pinterest explain more in this blog post

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