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o.p.p. – scratch off cards

ok… i hate to have yet another martha stewart creation, but the timing for this could not be any more appropriate – so here i go (thanks to not martha‘s pinterest for bringing this to my attention)!

on the back of my ‘smile-worthy greetings’ post, i found this handy little how-to for making your own scratch off cards, coupons, tickets or any other random what-have-you….

how clever? and not to mention – super easy & cheap!

martha’s team has the instructions referencing a save the date, but come on and get creative – you can use this recipe for a plethora of crafty things. I must (& will) incorporate this into an upcoming party or special event!

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smile-worthy greetings.

i am a big fan of unique greeting cards & wrapping.

instead of giving someone a cookie cutter hallmark or a gift encased in an expensive (+ blah) wrap job – i prefer to make the greeting & package part of the gift… something personal and fun.

i buy greeting cards as i see them, whether it’s for something next week or next year. i currently have a drawer w/ 24 greetings and 6 packs of stationary. i also always have a least one roll of kraft paper on hand. that combined w/ some jute, string or yarn + buttons, tags, pages from books, vintage post card clippings, etc… well, combined it makes for a splendidly out of the ordinary package.

on with the story…

i recently stumbled upon some of the most amazing greetings i’d seen in a long while – and i want every single one of them. the company, TMOD, is a local aussie purveyor of stationary & jewelry. their motto: “design without constraints”. the company is led by two cool artist chicks: georgie swift and milenka osen (

now…. let me introduce you to some of their creations. *note to my american readers (because the majority of you are): it seems as though these cuties currently aren’t available at shops in the US. however, you can purchase online and ‘yes’, they offer international shipping. yay!

party hat cards
i purchased the headdress from my local news agency this evening… love love love it. (i might even keep it for myself and throw it on some random night when i feel the urge to party – it’s that cute).

i mean, what a clever idea to create a greeting that triples as a keepsake and fashion.

a few of my other favorites include the western hat (very fitting for howdiy), the sailor hat and the daisy chain.

check out the full range of party hat cards here.

mask cards
kittens & full blown cats, i love them (w/ my little macy ann being the best of the best). i’ve been on the kitten train for years, but i’m not the only one. youtubers love the furry felines (the 3.5 year old ‘kittens inspired by kittens‘ is still my fav), plus the ladies over at hellogiggles even have a live kitten cam.

anyways… back to the masks. how cute is this kitty cat? other gems include a deer, fox, bunny and more.

check out the full range of mask cards here.

scratchie cards
whether you are 8, 18 or 80 and whether it’s a scratch & sniff sticker, lottery ticket or one of those cute little romance tickets you can buy at urban outfitters… everyone loves a good scratch.

these cards are super cute + add an extra element of surprise even after the envelope is opened.

i love this little girl and her blackboard, there are also 20+ others to chose from (the ‘just married’ is darling).

check out the full range of scratchies here.

TMOD offers these + several other cool greetings, designs, gifts and more… check them out. i’m already sold.

moving week

next week is moving week.

yep, after just 1 year + 6 months living in our current abode, it’s time to hit the road. (well, sort of… this house is staying in the family and being rented to tenants.)

we’re moving just down the road to a charming 2 story cottage w/ exposed brick walls (my fav). the new place is twice as big + i’ll finally have my very own home office. the little space in our spare bedroom/storage closet just isn’t cutting it anymore and my makeshift shed -aka outhouse*- is just wrong.

*yes, we have an outhouse (common for old australian houses) – though ross despises it when i call it that, as it has a light and running water. however, we have two indoor bathrooms and we don’t use this outdoor one, so I built a shelf over the toilet and it’s my one (and only) storage room. (our house was built in the 1890s and while it’s gorgeous w/ brick, hardwood floors and stained glass – there are no closets in the entire place, not even for clothes!)

back to the move: i was recently thinking about it, and since 1998 – i’ve not lived in one spot for longer than 2.5 years (and that was just one, the runner up is our current house!). it’s funny, because i lived in the same house until I was 18 years old – then flash forward 14 years, i’ve lived in 11 more. (ok, now the word ‘gypsy’ + van morrison lyrics are going through my head.)

i dream of a day when we’ll be able to put down roots, though with job contracts and a relationship between foreigners – I don’t know if I foresee that in the very near future.

but, the good news… along with a new home office, moving also brings a cause for decorating & diy! i’m so excited for the extra space and i’ve got some fun ideas that i can’t wait to incorporate into our new home. this includes a little more vintage, burlap, soda crates and more!

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caine’s arcade

an inspiring tale about a true DIY pioneer…
i cried & smiled the entire 10 mins.
THIS is why I craft and support handmade.
have a watch.
team caine!

a film by nirvan mullick

for more information or to donate to a scholarship fund for caine – visit

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