tis the season.

there is no doubt that pinterest is the bomb diggity for discovery… a place to curate the things you like, explore things your friends like + find things others like. (so much of a good thing that it’s turned back to an ‘invite only’ model).

tonight when playing around on etsy, i discovered another awesome ‘discovery’ tool – just in time for holiday shopping!

this very clever app syncs etsy with your friends interests, occupations + likes. in return, handmade & vintage gift suggestions for your app enabled amigas & amigos. gift giving just got more fun.

check it out here: www.etsy.com/gifts

ps – intro’ing with the word ‘diggity’ made me think of this tune from blackstreet which was a go-to of mine a la 1996… oh the musical tastes i’ve endured. enjoy!

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