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away we go…

the past 6 weeks have been a whirlwind + a half. it all started w/ a blog hack & it ends with a plane ride. let me fill you in…

tech: my noticeable break from Howd.i.y. began last month on an evening just like any other evening.  i signed online to write a crafty post (what the project was escapes me now, but i’m sure it will resurface considering i found it bloggable). anyways – on to the dirt.  I attempted to log into wordpress when I saw a strange url in the bottom corner of my browser as my page loaded – and once i got there, it was one hot mess.  rather than going fully into the deets… i’ll simply say it – “i was hacked”! the hackers decided to plant a banking login deep within my site in hopes of fooling a few people and running with their money. luckily i caught wind early enough in the game – and much to my mediocre development skills, i was able to scrub my site and remove the incriminating files+folders. so, that’s that – and Howd.i.y. is now hack-free!

travel: a few days later i left for my beloved homeland. it had been 9 months since i stepped on US soil.  i’m just nearing my 2 year mark of living & working in australia – and i’ve recently been coping with a bad case of the homesick blues – so this trip was exactly what the doctor ordered. in my time away – i hit 4 states, a wedding, celebrated 2 birthdays & 2 baby births. that suitcase of events all while managing to see other family + friends AND a devouring a sufficient fill of margaritas and unlimited baskets of chips + salsa. i couldn’t have asked for a better 3 weeks.

(above photo: an afternoon shopping at the renegade handmade festival chicago, sept 10 – below photos: oahu coastline, traditional hawaiian dish – poke, knott’s berry farms coasters – orange county, millennium park – chicago)

work: i returned home last tuesday. i cleared customs & walked in the door at 11am – a bit drained and delirious, i started work an hour later.  that’s what you get when you exhaust all your holiday time (yes, i say holiday now) + take 6 days of unpaid leave. my first day back i started a new project which will keep me busy till year’s end. for the rest of the year, i plan to spend a few nights each month on planes + several nights in a hotel (i envision myself in a movie making friends with the staff at this place – where i walk in and they say “welcome back ms. collins” – kind of like julia roberts minus the prostitute).

so…. as promised – this story ends with a plane.  i’m sitting here in route from sydney back to adelaide, sipping on some mrs. t’s bloody mary mix (imported from the us) sans the vodka. since in the air, i finished this month’s self martha stewart living mag.  i’ve got several pages bookmarked with great finds for the blog + my upcoming halloween party.  yes, i’m showing australia what a real halloween is all about (it’s an under celebrated holiday here with no pumpkin carving or trick or treating). it’s going to be a real treat – my favorite holiday – i.cannot.wait.

up next: crafts!

on a jet plane (or 6 to be exact).

hola all my howd.i.y. friends!

it’s been over a month since my last post, but i can assure you that time was spent well.  20,000 miles +  6 flight segments + 4 U.S. states – and I had an amazing trip home visiting friends & family (i even snuck in a trip to Chicago’s Renegade Festival!).  i just returned back to a lovely long weekend here in Australia (plus, sunny 80F weather) and i’m now feeling refreshed and happy to have had such a wonderful month of travels… stay tuned – a new blog post + plenty of projects coming soon!

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