‘ppp’ (pretty as a picture punkin)

one of my mom’s favorite sayings is ‘ppp’ or as the title reads ‘pretty as a picture punkin’.  much like most of my mom’s quirky wordings – i have no idea where this one came from… (like mother like daughter though, as i’ve got a few of my own doozies!) anyways, those words have been hanging around my head tonight.

as I plan for our big halloween bash next weekend – i’m making due with the pumpkin selection here in australia.  i’ve already spent nearly $100 on 7 for carving. australians don’t typically grow the standard round orange ‘american style’ pumpkins – so to find them at halloween is something pretty special + quite expensive (approx $1.50 a pound).  to date: i’ve found 4 of the american sort + a japanese pumpkin & 2 butternut squash… (read all about aussie pumpkins)

i just finished my first creation for the year – thx to martha for this inspiration…

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  1. October 24, 2011 at 4:09 pm #

    love it! i have this idea on one of my pinterest boards. very PPP, b. 😉

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