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one of my great friends is a blogger too.  paige is witty, real and for the past couple of years has been sharing the journey of her life over at barefoot & vintage. this past year, paige’s world got a whole lot more exciting when she reconnected with the love of her life + found out she had a bun in the oven (baby zoey is due in just 1 week!) + got married… all this documented over at bf&v.

while i urge you to check out her lovely little blog – that is not the reason for this post.  instead, i want to share something that my dear old friend uses to sign off from each entry… a fun little find that i think all you crafty communicators would enjoy.

let me introduce ‘mylivesignature’.

whether you want to use the wizard or scan your actual handwritten moniker… this fun little tool can turn your name (or any word) into an image/HTML.

give it a step by step try over at mylivesignature today.

put. a. bird. on. it. – take 2.

earlier this year, i (along with thousands of other crafty fans) found obsession in a 101 second phenomenon called ‘put a bird on it’.  the title was that of a segment from season 1, episode 2 of IFC’s ‘portlandia’. SNL castmember fred armisen & indie rocker carrie brownstein created + star in this sketch comedy series that takes place in portland, oregon and focuses on the eccentric nature of the city and its people.

the show itself is a winner, but ‘put a bird on it’ takes the cake by calling out the fact that birds seem to be a new staple in design. the thought: if you put a bird on it, it will instantly become interesting and purchase worthy.  people love birds… right?!

the sketch which IFC posted on youtube has now had over 700,000 views… with people all over the world relating to the ‘put a bird on it’ bandwagon.  i was in melbourne this past may, when i noticed that the famous shop ‘meet me at mike’s’ on brunswick st. even had a ‘paboi’ window display!

longing for some more bird action, i stumbled on over to recently and found that you can now put a bird on virtually anything across the web! simply use their ‘go put a bird on something’ tool to spruce anything up!

check out below where i stuck a bird on a retro tourism van that i snapped a photo of while visiting santa fe, new mexico a couple of years ago.  this beauty of a vehicle paired with a bright orange bird relaxing over top = art.

have fun.

o.p.p. – hanging doily lamp

i have no doubt that this vintage inspired lamp would rack up the cc bill if purchased retail… however, follow these simple steps and it’s as easy as 1.2.3. to create your own pretty pendant light for less than $15.

all you need are a few simple supplies:

-1 balloon
-a few doilies (the bigger the balloon, the more you need)
-a hanging light (a cheap find at ikea)

get the full details here…

found @ more design please
what: doily lamp

renegade handmade rocks.

i’ve been a traveling mess as of late. in the past 2 weeks i’ve spent approx 50 hours on planes… ugg! – (this helps explain the hiatus of posts) – and while hopping on another plane for a long trek doesn’t sound the least bit exciting at the moment – i am ecstatically counting down the 29 days left until i hop on board for an overdue journey to my motherland. yes, usa – i’m coming home for a 3 week jaunt filled with a little r&r, catching up w/ friends & family, a wedding, 2 baby celebrations, a birthday… AND the renegade craft fair!

renegade are the folks that not only bring you their charming little headquarters which double as a retail shop on division ave. in chicago’s wicker park — but they are also the folks that bring you one of the best & biggest diy festivals to tour the us of a.

us + uk howdiy readers: have you been to a renagade near you? if not, a must for any local or a great excuse for a weekend road trip.

if you live aboard or simply can’t make it in person… check out renegade’s shop website for a retail sampling of the fun.

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