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pin it with pinterest.

the term ‘pin it’ is my latest addiction.  this little 2 word action which is housed in my browser toolbar (as seen below) is much more than a meager little verb. in fact, the ‘pin it’ action 1) organizes 2) recalls 3) styles and 4) communicates the web world of personal finds into a cute contained and easy-to-navigate interface.

so what is this term & where can you find it? pinterest.

this site is the holy grail of all things cool on the web.  it allows you to curate your own interest boards + discover other appealing styles, products, places, etc… pinterest is a world to be explored.

*a few of my boards (segmented out by category)*

*pins from my home design and decor board*

learn more about this phenomenon here ( and find and follow my boards here (

happy pinning.

picture frame calendar

this project is a combination of my love of maps + a crazy schedule of 2.

a while back i’d seen a cute litte d.i.y. project online where the creator took a picture frame, some fabric and a sharpie to make a customizable white board calendar… i’ve taken the project and put a new little spin on it.

the tools:
-picture frame
-road map
-contact paper
-jute rope or yarn
-dry erase marker
-sticky dots

the product finished product… as seen below!

this project can be entirely customized to your taste… whether you want the background as a map, photo, drawing, fabric, etc… it’s your call. add the contact boxes & text to the under the frame material – and – leave your dates & doings to the glass. it’s an hour job that should cost you no more than $30… even better – this calendar never expires at the end of the year!

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