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in my recent post ‘good finds – a top 10 list’, i talked about chalkboard labels and the lot that was being sent via etsy. a couple weeks & 2 hemispheres later, i now have those labels. soooooo, i thought i’d share with you my new little creation + just how easy it is for you to whip up something similar. whether it’s an organization project or something fun for your kids (or you), slapping one of these little stickers on to a jar, glass, container, book, etc… can add a new spin to something old, cheap or bland.

i ordered these chalkboard labels in all shapes and sizes from bradens grace on etsy. while i’ve got a lot of plans for these guys, i wanted to take one for a test drive. enter project #1: a jar of tea leaves. there’s really no explanation needed, as it’s as simple as 1-2-3.

-get a jar (old/new, cheap/expensive — whatever you fancy)
-affix the label
-write on it w/ chalk (which also came with the labels)
*and well… that’s it.  not much more to this story other than a quick & easy makeover project.

to make your own custom chalkboard project, check out bradens grace on etsy (there are other sellers around – but I recommend them.. fast delivery, inexpensive & great products.


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