good finds – a top 10 list.

i like to look at my life like a constant exploration. my mind is on 24/7 overload of ideas + the words ‘sit’ and ‘still’ are not in my vocabulary. i’m always looking for new adventures, new places & new additions for us to in some shape or form partake it.

i recently put together an etsy treasury, so i thought why not also curate a list of finds from around the web, australia & our house — things that i’ve discovered, explored & created.

i invite you to read below and continue the journey with me…

the top 10 (in no particular order of importance)
*photos either personally taken or from individual websites listed below

1. chalkboard labels –  i’m currently obsessed with all things chalkboard.  these sticker labels are a great accessory for a jar, set of glasses or something completely out of the box. be creative and create some decor. i recently ordered 3 sets of various shapes & sizes from bradens grace on etsy. (

2. the deli – we stumbled across this low-key gem (here in adelaide) a few months ago and i’ve been raving to practically everyone i meet ever since.  part restaurant / part lounge, the vibe is a throwback to the 1970s with funk music (if live music isn’t on tap), old blanket throws draped as tenting, disco balls & more – plus they boast amazing pizzas and food – and not too mention jugs of sangria. love love love it. (

3. kogan – after downgrading to a 32 inch samsung from our 46 inch samsung that we had in chicago, we heard about kogan from a friend. the D2C offering is unique – offering a shopping experience without the supply chain. with this, we are now the proud owners of a 55 inch (yes MASSIVE) LCD-LED tv. (

4. katie two-tone sunglasses – these glasses from witchery were an impulse buy at the sydney airport a month ago when i had a bit of time to kill.  i’ve had plenty of expensive pairs of sunnies in my day, but bad habits of not putting things back in their case – i now opt for more affordable eyewear.  these frames are seriously too cute and better yet, they are now on sale for just $29.95! (

5. homemade salsa verde – it is no secret that i love mexican food. that obsession has probably been one of the biggest adjustments since moving to australia. i miss living steps away from authentic south of the border foods. so, i took matters into my own hand… some tomatillos, chilies from the garden, garlic, lime & onion – and i whipped up this yummy dish.

6. one small room – this adelaide (croydon) shop is part vintage & part new furnishings, decor, apparel & more. nestled in the midst of the inviting queen st., this shop is one of those go-to places no matter your mood. (

7. zinio – until a few months ago i really missed my US magazines, but fret no more – and enter zinio.  zinio digitalizes some of the world’s finest magazines for individual purchase or a yearly subscription.  viewable on pc, mac or ipad – my saturday mornings are now often spent on the couch reading the latest us weekly gossip or being domesticated with my good housekeeping subscription. (

8. living in the midst of amazing wine countries – our house is 20 minutes from the adelaide hills (try bird in hand sparkling pinot noir) / 30 minutes from mclaren vale (alpha box & dice offers nurtured boutique wine and a vintage designed atmosphere) / 60 minutes from the barossa (maggie beer’s farm shop is a staple not to be missed – try the seasonal cheese & dukkah hampers) / 90 minutes from clare valley… 60 minutes to langhorne creek…3 1/2 hours from the coonawarra… and more… enough said!

9. the flowerpot sessions – this live compilation of tracks recorded at a british pub features some of the best in folk & indie rock. i could listen to kill it kid’s ‘send me an angel down’ on repeat for hours. (

10. mouse trap – the mission of this game: to get the mouse out of the box. i highly recommend this free android app, but warning – it’s addictive! (

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