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o.p.p. – chili spiced chocolate pudding

have you ever eaten something that has your mouth watering for weeks?  last month i was in Sydney for work, when i caught up with friends for cocktails & some eats. the establishment was a place called L L Wine & Dine and the drink that had my mouth watering (and is still watering over) was a chili infused cocktail with peach liqueur, raspberries and a couple other sweet treats that i can’t remember at the moment. anyways… since then – i’ve been meaning to head over to the bottle shop for some absolut to pair with ross’ hot & spicy chilies from our garden. however, that is not the project that i bring you today – though it is of the same spicy variety…

it’s fall in Australia and in the cool weather months, i love a little a spice & a lot of chocolate (hence the 10 lb weight gain at the moment & the previous post of spicy sangria). i’m really excited to make this recipe that i found on craft maven not martha’s website. the concoction calls for chocolate, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and some other simple splendors.

found @ ivillage via not martha
what: firecracker chocolate pudding

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