o.p.p. – découpaged light (plus a good book)

a good little light can make a BIG difference in any room. for example, we have a 3 bulb chandelier in our bedroom… it’s nothing special and recently we just switched the bulbs out.  Australia is on the energy efficiency wagon (which i am 100% for) though that means that most new light bulbs take about 30 seconds to get to desired brightness.  so, now – not only do we have a blah fixture, but we also have a room where it’s similar to a shower… you can’t go in right away (room=too dark/shower=too cold).

ok, so to you regular readers, it’s not much of a surprise that i love looking through the pages of country living for some vintage & earthy inspired crafts. so, keeping with the light theme of today’s broadcast – i bring you another c.l. favorite!

found @ country living
what: découpaged light
where: http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/10-practically-free-crafts#fbIndex2 (go to #2 of the list)

you can also pick up the book where this project originally hails from – Rediscovered Treasures by Ellen Dyrop & Hanna Kristinsdottir – it’s all about rediscovering & repurposing old vintage wares –  i just ordered my copy – only $9.99 from amazon!




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