put a bird on it

i’ve recently found a new tv love in the ifc original show ‘portlandia’. itunes offered the first episode as a freebie and now my apple tv is full of its comedic goodness.

while i’ve never been to portland, it’s a place high on my list of ‘places to visit when i get back to the us for an extended period of time’. i envision portland to be a bit similar to my beloved boulder, co where i’ve spent plenty of days soaking up the nature, food & culture… but back to portland & ‘portlandia’. this 22 minute show puts its best foot forward to capture the places, people & spirit of the city through improvised sketch comedy – and from what i know, they are doing a pretty good job.

so… why i am telling you this? because this sketch from episode #2 is full of laughs for lovers of handmade… and esp. handmade donning birds (i’m an offender… i even saw a couple things in the video that i own!). i think i’ve watched this 5x now today… it’s too good.

watch it here!

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