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o.p.p. – rake hooks (and bonus project)

does your garage or shed need a good clean?! turn yesterday’s tools into today’s decor.

if you enjoy a small bit of the country vibe in your home – this easy to do project is a creative way to bring a bit of the outdoors to the inside.

it’s a one supply project: an old rake head.

hang: jewelry, towels, aprons, uncut candles – whatever your heart desires.

found @ readymade
what: organize your jewels

bonus project: keeping the same idea in mind – head out to your local antique shop and scope out some vintage kitchenware.  i recently picked up this vintage baking tray with rounded muffin holes. It makes for a great tealight holder and also adds just the right touch of rustic feel to our living room.











happy crafting.

o.p.p. – party straws

well, i’m back from a blog vacation… it’s been a couple busy weeks (actually year) – but the autumn is here in Australia and the weeks are finally slowing down.

this weekend i hosted a bachelorette party for a dear friend + fellow American that too happens to live down under.  in fact, there is quite a little crew of us ‘yanks’ (as the Aussies call us) here and this weekend a mixture of Chicagoans, San Franciscans & a San Diegoan flew over from Sydney for the celebratory weekend.

the weekend was perfect, but now seeing these cute little craftzine party straws – i wish i could have made something so crafty, yet practical for the festivities.

print out the pdf and whip up some of these for your next event.

found @ craftzine
what: playful party straws

o.p.p. – hot sauce

some like it hot – and i am one of those people…

since moving overseas my savior for this heat fixations have included:

  • our small garden w/ chili plants
  • trips back to the us and the bag that brings back salsa & texas pete’s hot sauce
  • ‘chile mojo’ an american owned mexican grocer here full of authentic southern u.s. & mexican imports of the hottest degree.
  • thursday night 1kg (2.2 lbs) of buffalo wings for just $10 at the gilbert hotel

and now – i plan to add another line to the above list using today’s o.p.p. straight from etsy – happy heating!

found @ etsy
what: make your own hot sauce

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