craft beer, yes – i said beer!

beer. it’s a subject that most of you know about… but how many of you know about GOOD beer?  aka ‘craft beer’.  yes, it’s true — handmade crafts extend into the art of alcoholic beverages. there are blogs, bars & breweries that dedicate their everything to showcasing beer for all it is and all it can be… now i’m not talking about your supermarket suds, but rather small shop brewers such as three floyds, rogue, dogfish head, russian river, southern tier — and the list goes on & on… in the US alone there are nearly 1500 craft breweries (in Australia where I now reside, there are approx 150).

tip: turn your bottle caps into a craft! all you need is hot glue & magnets. i keep a jar in the kitchen for collection & have made these you see here!

a few years ago i found a love for craft beer (aka – microbrews), i attribute this discovery to two things: a) a fine little establishment in Bucktown (Chicago) called the map room – a bar with a range of hundreds of beers, an awesome staff & a great crowd — and then b) the bearded aussie physicist that i call my beloved man – whom ironically i met at the map room years ago… even better: we were drinking the same dark craft beer when we first started chatting that night (Bigfoot by Sierra Nevada) & we eventually moved into a house on the same block as the bar. he loves all things beer: talking about it, reading about it, tasting it and DRINKING it.

for those of you that are bud, miller, coors, etc… drinkers – i’m not a hater, i was once there… but i do encourage you to go to your local liquor store and invest in something out of your normal box.  think of it like the handmade crafts you currently have an affinity for: they were made with heart, so how could any mass produced store item compare, right?  it’s the same thing with craft beer – it’s an art crafting the perfect tasting beer where you can identify flavors & aromas… and not just the same old run of the mill taste & smell.

if you like the sound of craft beermaking… why not give it a try yourself?! or get your other half hooked so the two of you can have your own crafts to be proud of. home brew kits & specialty liquor stores (one of our favs is friar tuck’s in the midwest) make this an easy task.

also, check out the hopry.  it’s a couple guys from kansas city that love beer and vlog (video blog) reviews of themselves tasting & talking about the beers that they pick up and/or that viewers send to them from across the country to taste (one downfall about craft beer: accessibility from city to city & state to state… here in Australia there are only a handful of US craft beers that we are able to get through importers). these guys are a good intro into the art of good beer (start at video #1).

happy (beer) crafting!

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