o.p.p. – sea salt hair spray

i know, i know… it’s winter where most of you reside, but here in the land down under we are in the heart of summer (don’t be jealous, you had it a few months back and it will be here again before you know it). in the sunny months, i love a nice summer glow and have been trying to get myself to that point for the past week now – unfortunately my body decided that it’s first time in the sun would be a lesson in safe skin – as i burned quite badly! now whether you are tanned, pale, have a 365 natural glow due to your genes – and no matter if it’s winter or summer, a nice wavy mane of hair gives you that ‘just hopped off the plane from fiji’ look without actual fiji. actually to accomplish this feat, all you need is a couple things around the house – and a good spray bottle… and there you go ‘sea salt hair spray’

here is a good recipe for all you folks looking to go out into the sun with a cute beachy do – OR – for those of you are happy pretending it’s not 5 below outside…

found @ readymade
what: sea salt spray
where: http://www.readymade.com/blog/fashion/2011/01/12/worth_your_salt

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