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when I was a kid, my mom used to read country living.  i remember finding it so boring and wondering why she in her right mind would put herself through such a read.  now 20 years later, that same magazine that i shunned as an adolescent – i now love + read with joy.

for those of you that have never visited www.countryliving.com, they have a great section on crafting & d.i.y. – everything from single projects to various things of one theme, which is what i bring to you today… ‘easy paper craft projects’.

i fell in love with two of the ideas on here, and i cannot wait to put them into action.

the 1st of my favs: souvenir boxes with a cutout silhouette map. i however, plan to put a little spin on the craft.  with half of my life in america & the other half now here in australia, I have some cute green ‘paperwork boxes’ that i’d love to label with a map. now, why didn’t i already think of that?!

the 2nd of my favs: stencil & fabric motto art. all you need is stencils, an x-acto knife, paper, a cute frame & fabric to transform your run of the mill craft project into custom wall art that looks like you paid a pretty penny for it.  create your saying – cut out the letters – lay a piece of fabric over the back… and BAM, there you go – one fine piece of handmade work!

plus, there are more where these came from…

found @ good country living
what: easy paper craft projects
where: http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/easy-paper-craft-projects

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