tip of the day: be ‘thrifty’

it’s saturday here in australia – and this morning i’ve been out and about to 2 auction houses + 1 thrift shop.  at the auction houses i found several vintage suitcases that would be perfect for the suitcase storage table project posted earlier this week – and at the thrift shop they had a huge basket full of vintage doilies that would be ideal for one of many projects including the crocheted doily bowls & crocheted doily pillows posted late last year.

BUT… my favorite find of the of the day was the stack of dated home & lifestyle magazines that i took home for just 10 cents each.  the pages are filled with great recipes, crafting, home decor & do-it-yourself ideas (hopefully a few for Howd.i.y.).

so, my tip of the day — secondhand or ‘thrifty’ finds = d.i.y. bliss.

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