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suitcases – they are the bane of my existence.  hard to store, uncomfortable to maneuver and they always seem to get into a bit of trouble.

in jan ’10 we owned 7 suitcases. however, 3 have made it to the trash in the past year (one which is sitting there now after rough handling on our trip back from the u.s. last week).  our suitcases stem from the fact that we both a) travel for work b) my family is in the u.s./his family is here in australia c) until 6 weeks ago we were living cross country from one another traveling back & forth every other weekend.
each & every trip brings a different circumstance and the need for a different sized suitcase.

our suitcases are however not cute, vintage or fun.  they are your run of the mill large mass produced canvas with a handle and wheels. if our bags were old & nostalgic, i’d embrace and incorporate them somehow into my home decor…. like this project from good housekeeping called ‘using luggage as creative storage’.  i love the idea & i love the look.

found @ good housekeeping
what: suitcase storage table
where: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/crafts/diy-table-luggage

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