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o.p.p. – sea salt hair spray

i know, i know… it’s winter where most of you reside, but here in the land down under we are in the heart of summer (don’t be jealous, you had it a few months back and it will be here again before you know it). in the sunny months, i love a nice summer glow and have been trying to get myself to that point for the past week now – unfortunately my body decided that it’s first time in the sun would be a lesson in safe skin – as i burned quite badly! now whether you are tanned, pale, have a 365 natural glow due to your genes – and no matter if it’s winter or summer, a nice wavy mane of hair gives you that ‘just hopped off the plane from fiji’ look without actual fiji. actually to accomplish this feat, all you need is a couple things around the house – and a good spray bottle… and there you go ‘sea salt hair spray’

here is a good recipe for all you folks looking to go out into the sun with a cute beachy do – OR – for those of you are happy pretending it’s not 5 below outside…

found @ readymade
what: sea salt spray

o.p.p. – crafting with paper

when I was a kid, my mom used to read country living.  i remember finding it so boring and wondering why she in her right mind would put herself through such a read.  now 20 years later, that same magazine that i shunned as an adolescent – i now love + read with joy.

for those of you that have never visited, they have a great section on crafting & d.i.y. – everything from single projects to various things of one theme, which is what i bring to you today… ‘easy paper craft projects’.

i fell in love with two of the ideas on here, and i cannot wait to put them into action.

the 1st of my favs: souvenir boxes with a cutout silhouette map. i however, plan to put a little spin on the craft.  with half of my life in america & the other half now here in australia, I have some cute green ‘paperwork boxes’ that i’d love to label with a map. now, why didn’t i already think of that?!

the 2nd of my favs: stencil & fabric motto art. all you need is stencils, an x-acto knife, paper, a cute frame & fabric to transform your run of the mill craft project into custom wall art that looks like you paid a pretty penny for it.  create your saying – cut out the letters – lay a piece of fabric over the back… and BAM, there you go – one fine piece of handmade work!

plus, there are more where these came from…

found @ good country living
what: easy paper craft projects

tip of the day: be ‘thrifty’

it’s saturday here in australia – and this morning i’ve been out and about to 2 auction houses + 1 thrift shop.  at the auction houses i found several vintage suitcases that would be perfect for the suitcase storage table project posted earlier this week – and at the thrift shop they had a huge basket full of vintage doilies that would be ideal for one of many projects including the crocheted doily bowls & crocheted doily pillows posted late last year.

BUT… my favorite find of the of the day was the stack of dated home & lifestyle magazines that i took home for just 10 cents each.  the pages are filled with great recipes, crafting, home decor & do-it-yourself ideas (hopefully a few for Howd.i.y.).

so, my tip of the day — secondhand or ‘thrifty’ finds = d.i.y. bliss.

pipe cleaner name tags

*i love having a sister that is crafty.
*we can talk about or do crafts together for hours on end.
*and when our men get annoyed with our crafting – they can watch sports, drink beer, or play video games together (or apart when we gab on the phone).

when i was home in the u.s. over the holidays, my sister showed me a cute project that she’d been doing to spice up packages while adding a bit of a personal touch.

the project: pipe cleaner name tags
materials: pipe cleaners… 2 or 3 depending on how long the name is (+ a present to put it on)

1) hand write out the name or saying you want to do, it will help you as a guide to your final result.
2) form the letters to look like what you wrote – twist the pipe cleaners after and during the formation of a letter to keep it in place. when you get close to using the whole pipe cleaner, twist another one onto the end to make it longer.
3) leave a little room on the end to be able to twist it onto the ribbon to secure it to the present.

fin. (aka – the end).

o.p.p. – suitcase storage table

suitcases – they are the bane of my existence.  hard to store, uncomfortable to maneuver and they always seem to get into a bit of trouble.

in jan ’10 we owned 7 suitcases. however, 3 have made it to the trash in the past year (one which is sitting there now after rough handling on our trip back from the u.s. last week).  our suitcases stem from the fact that we both a) travel for work b) my family is in the u.s./his family is here in australia c) until 6 weeks ago we were living cross country from one another traveling back & forth every other weekend.
each & every trip brings a different circumstance and the need for a different sized suitcase.

our suitcases are however not cute, vintage or fun.  they are your run of the mill large mass produced canvas with a handle and wheels. if our bags were old & nostalgic, i’d embrace and incorporate them somehow into my home decor…. like this project from good housekeeping called ‘using luggage as creative storage’.  i love the idea & i love the look.

found @ good housekeeping
what: suitcase storage table

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