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o.p.p – christmas light lamps

in the devine words of steve carell in ‘anchorman’ – i. love. lamp.

keep the christmas lights lasting a little longer this season… i love this idea for some light by lamp.

all you need is a string of lights, a drill, a jar (one of the cheapo bottles of table wine would work gloriously) — and there you are.

found @ design mom
what: bottles full of light

o.p.p. – doily envelopes

with a move cross country + a vacation cross continent (which I am still on!)… i’ve been neglecting the poor pages of Howd.i.y. as of late — but please know my dear readers that i think of you everyday and say to myself (and sometimes out loud) “damn, i’m a bad friend” – as that is what i feel like… a long lost friend that keeps intending to write, but is really bad at communicating — this is my new year’s resolution… to be a better blogger!

with that…

today I started thinking about ‘thank you notes’ to show my appreciation for all the amazing gifts i’ve received this holiday season… in my search to find a cute idea for some crafty cards – i stumbled upon this exciting find.

found @ homelife
what: doily envelopes


o.p.p. – the owl calendar

Owl Lover 2011 Calendar

owls here, owls there, owls owls everywhere!

ok, there is undoubtedly a pro-owl campaign going on… i’m not sure who started it or where it began, but it’s here – and it’s alive and kickin’.  i personally didn’t even know i liked owls, but apparently i do because i own at least 2 owls which are out on display (or soon will be once the boxes from the move are unpacked) at my home.

i recently stumbled upon a few people that are well travelled on the owl bandwagon + they’ve put together a pretty dang cool project.  it’s a owl calendar that you can costumize for yourself.  they’ve done all the hard work, so all you have to do is a little picking & choosing – download – and print.

love it.

found @

our giveaway winner!

and the giveaway goes to… jill s. in chicago, il!

ok, so i’m a bit envious as jill gets to pick out 5 creatively cool cards from cracked designs (wow, that’s a tongue twister!).

jill also shared that she is being crafty this holiday season by making bath bombs… love these things. stay tuned, as i’ve approached her to share the how-to with the howd.i.y. folk here… hopefully she takes us up on the offer.

congrats jill! + stay tuned for our next artist spotlight and giveaway.

and remember you too can take home these (+ more) greeting cards… shop cracked designs on etsy.

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