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o.p.p. – closet office space

while i’m currently dealing with too little closet space, there are people out there that have the lavish luxury of too much closet space (it must be rough!).  if you are one of ‘those’ people… then this project is for you – and i am extremely jealous of you!

who wouldn’t want a little home office reflective of this?

found @ country living
what: closet office space

o.p.p. – felt coasters

coasters: whether wood, glass, stone, cork or plastic – they keep the water from the woodwork while prettying up any piece of functional furniture.  now enter the felt… a crafting favorite, plus available in an array of colors. combine the two and you get felt coasters cute enough for any room, plus an easy enough project for even the clumsiest of crafters.

i love the ‘snowflakes’ that the folks at martha stewart have whipped up here… a cold coaster design for even the warmest of beverages.

found @ martha stewart
what: felt coasters

tis the season!

i have great memories from childhood of going to craft fairs with my mom.  and while the crafts of today are a bit different than the crafts that filled elementary school gymnasiums those years ago – spending the day walking vendor to vendor and stocking up on holiday decor and gifts is still a great way to kick off this special season.

check out my favorite, the renegade craft fair, with locations in chicago – l.a. – san francisco (… and if you’ve got a great fest in your area that you’d like to share — send us a note, post a comment or tell us on facebook!

o.p.p. – hanging photo display

i love myself a little southern living – and this project from their website is sure to wow up your walls using photos, frames and a bit of your own personal design. a photo collage that will add a backdrop of beauty to any room — living, bed, entry, hall, etc…

found @ southern living
what: hanging photo display

o.p.p. – homemade heating pad

first and foremost – please accept my apologies for my absenteeism over the past week.  i’m in the midst of a move, and things have been a bit overwhelmingly disheveled. i’m in dyer need of a nice relaxing craft night… unfortunately that’s still a couple weeks away (when our new home is unpacked), but until then – i’ve got howd.i.y. and you, all my craft buds.


now onto our regularly scheduled craft post….

when the cold weather blues (or the aches & pains of a failing body) have you down – what is better than a little heat and a scent so subtly strong it mentally whisks you away to the spa?  i for one love a good aromatherapy heating pad – i even adore them so much, i used to pay a few extra $$$ in chicago to get my teeth cleaned at a dentist’s office where they draped my neck and shoulders in a warm scented and soothing wrap while they scraped away at my gums and teeth (not a pretty picture, i know).

until now — who would have thought these little pieces of heaven were so easy to make?!  all you need is a sock, a bag of ordinary white rice and a few dried herbs and viola.  a perfect pick-me-up for yourself or personalized gift for any friend whom needs a good dose of R&R.

give it a whirl.

found @
what: homemade heating pad

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