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first and foremost – please accept my apologies for my absenteeism over the past week.  i’m in the midst of a move, and things have been a bit overwhelmingly disheveled. i’m in dyer need of a nice relaxing craft night… unfortunately that’s still a couple weeks away (when our new home is unpacked), but until then – i’ve got howd.i.y. and you, all my craft buds.


now onto our regularly scheduled craft post….

when the cold weather blues (or the aches & pains of a failing body) have you down – what is better than a little heat and a scent so subtly strong it mentally whisks you away to the spa?  i for one love a good aromatherapy heating pad – i even adore them so much, i used to pay a few extra $$$ in chicago to get my teeth cleaned at a dentist’s office where they draped my neck and shoulders in a warm scented and soothing wrap while they scraped away at my gums and teeth (not a pretty picture, i know).

until now — who would have thought these little pieces of heaven were so easy to make?!  all you need is a sock, a bag of ordinary white rice and a few dried herbs and viola.  a perfect pick-me-up for yourself or personalized gift for any friend whom needs a good dose of R&R.

give it a whirl.

found @ chronicbabe.com
what: homemade heating pad
where: http://www.chronicbabe.com/articles/12/

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