o.p.p. – clever watering can

*from craftster

recycling can go a long way for a thrifty and creative crafter — and this here is a ‘can’-do project for all.

take a look at this picture… at first glance what do you see?  i see a painted decorative vase of some kind. but wait… it’s actually an old laundry detergent container repurposed in a really cute and clever fashion. with some tape, paint and a clean-up / this old tide container is no longer just the remnants of old laundry room trash, but it’s now helping to keep your greens (of a different sort) from getting faded & trashed.

take a look…

found @ craftster.org
what: clever watering can
where: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=350678.0

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