welcome to our new home!

same blog. new url.

we’ve ditched the little kid in us (howdiy.wordpress) for a more grown-up www.howdiyblog.com

the blog is now nearly 2 months old and i couldn’t be happier with the response.  a big thanks to all our readers to your comments, feedback and most of all your readership!

with the new home, we are also spicing things up a bit by adding some new regulars to the site…. i.e. – the artist spotlight.

while I know many of you were email subscribed on our wordpress hosted blog, I am still looking at the best options for email subscriptions now that i’m managing this all on my own.  give me a few days and i should have a good solution (have any blog subscription recommendations?!  if yes, email me!).

be prepared to see a couple tweaks here and there over the next week… i’m just trying to get the blog to it’s best.

and i’ll keep the old site live for a while, but i’m giving it my all to get people over here where it’s all happening!

thank you – thank you – thank you my dear readers.


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