project – wool bangle bracelets

for most of the world, autumn is here and the winter snow is just around the corner… for the rest of the world (australia in particular), bikini season should be here – but instead we’ve got climate change to thank for the weather’s current state of confusion bringing temps 20 degrees F lower than normal this week.

today (with a jacket in tow) i ran errands around town.  per the usual sunday, i stopped at a street market and browsed the new and mostly vintage items.  i spotted a booth that had a basket full of brand new bangles for only $1 each.  i picked up 5 of them knowing that i could create some fun project… i left with a couple in particular in mind.

tonight i tackled project thought #1 of 2…. and turned the white plastic into a wooly bangle perfect for warming up your wrist while adding a bit of fashion.

cost: no more than $5 a bracelet (check etsy or artfire for cheap supplies)
creation time: 30 mins
supplies: ball of yarn & plastic bangle bracelet

the how-to is easy… and doesn’t really need a 1,2,3 step by step. simply tape one end of the yarn to the bracelet and start wrapping around and pulling it extremely tight. you want to make sure that you pull the yarn as close as possible to the wrap prior to it. once finished, this will allow the bracelet to look like one cohesive piece of wool rather than a yarn wrapped bracelet. to secure the yarn at finish, simply make a small knot tying the end to another already wrapped piece.

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