o.p.p. – door draft stopper

(*via notmartha.org ‘door draft stopper’ project)

first & foremost – please please please accept my apologies for the m.i.a. status!  after coming back from my holiday in the far northeastern corner of australia, i am FINALLY settled and back into the groove of blogging. so… what do we have up our sleeve?!

today’s project is a super sensible (& cute) find from a great blog that i just stumbled across this afternoon called notmartha.org.  her blog (megan a.k.a. not martha) is full of great firsthand designs and creations + goodies that she scouts around the web.  i urge you to check it out!

found @ notmartha.org
what: door draft stopper
where: http://www.flickr.com/photos/notmartha/sets/72057594068949613/ (via www.notmartha.org)

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