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it’s been a crazy busy week… but today starts a loooooong weekend here in australia (labor day) – so, i’m jetting on a plane tonight to meet my man who’s been away the past week at a conference in the northeast corner of queensland where the ‘rainforest’ and ‘great barrier reef’ reside. (i’m so excited for a little r&r!) anyways… i’m short on time, but wanted to give all the howd.i.y. readers a quick little project before i go.  this one is fun, simple & useful – it’s a case for your ipod, camera, phone or item of choice.

cost: $3
creation time: 30-60 mins
supplies: one piece of felt, one color of embroidery thread, needle, buttons & 2 ft of yarn

  1. measure your device which you wish to create this for (i made the one in the pic for an ipod)
  2. cut two identical pieces of felt from the original piece. Each piece should be 1.5 inches wider & 2.5 inches taller than your device measurements
  3. using the embroidery thread, sew the pieces together on 3 of the sides – on the top sew around each of the openings
  4. braid some yarn to use as a fastener – sewing the ends to the felt with the embroidery thread
  5. finish off with a cute button to add some personality… and there you are – a cheap & cute case personalized to your liking

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