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are you a crafter at heart, but need a little kick start to get your creative juices flowing? if you answered ‘yes’, then might i recommend chronicle books? chronicle is a book publisher based in san fran with 40+ years under their belt. they specialize in putting out quality books, stationary and other merchandise in the art, design, photography, lifestyle and d.i.y. realm.

i first stumbled upon chronicle here in australia, thousands of miles from the country where i’m from and the books are made.  my fav little bookstore in sydney’s the rocks area called ‘ariel‘ (check it out, it’s amazing), carries a good hearty helping of their products.  while i have to pay a couple extra bucks for the import taxes… it’s well worth the many projects that the items ultimately make.

i’ve purchased several chronicle products in my day (which i highly recommend), including:

the photos i’ve posted here include some of the chronicle products or projects as displayed in my house. check out chronicle for these & many more amazing products that will keep you (or ‘get’ you) crafting & communicating!

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